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Twisting the news – 40th edition

In cappuccino on January 28, 2016 at 12:42 pm

We should all accept that disruption is a thing, a big thing, be that a too much hyped word or a concept with real implications for our lives. However, it is present in our lives and it is lowering our change resistance. If you are a disruption enthusiast, take 5 minutes to read this, but actually, I read it already and I can tell you: stop worrying whether you are disruptive enough and or whether you play by the rules of now-traditional-disruption. Disruption does not play by the rules, and if you are running a big company, dinosaurs as I call them, try to make them dance by the new rules. In this manner of thought, I believe GM is doing a great job joining the sharing economy and launching Maven.

Everybody is going insane that Apple missed its unit target. I am not an Apple fan, but please do remember that Apple just reported record profitĀ for the last quarter. Selling many units was never the business model for Apple and with huge margins, quantity is not the future for Apple. I’ve seen a number of voices who claim that Apple’s wow days are gone, Read the rest of this entry »


China is learning to market its products

In espresso on February 27, 2013 at 6:42 am

Not long ago I was telling you that Chinese companies need to learn branding and it seems they are almost there. (find the post here)

Beware, tech giants, Huawei started its way into creating an image and here’s some of Huawei’s campaing “Make it possible”:

Remember that for 2013 tech giant, Apple, targets the Chinese market with a possible cheaper Iphone. There’s a huge battle for the Chinese market, being one of the biggest emerging markets and not long ago it seemed like a battle between western companies with “made in China” products and made in the western world advertising, only that now companies based in China, with “made in China” products and with western marketing are emerging.

Will the Chinese prefer local brands?