Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 46th edition

In cappuccino on February 8, 2016 at 8:00 am

It is the morning after the Super Bowl, and chances are we will not be discussing any other issue today: but the business of Super Bowl, the future of Super Bowl, marketing and advertising at the Super Bowl. Here’s an interesting chart to begin with, changes in the US population:


source: census.gov

The people at PSFK are imagining the 54th edition for the Super Bowl. Just 4 years away, the 2020 Super Bowl edition includes road roads vs sky roads, a conversation with a smart mirror, which by the way, Google is already working on, driverless public transportation to a smart stadium, either an augmented reality Oculus experience in your smart home.

Now, let’s take a look at what happened during the Superbowl, precisely advertising and marketing. Trailers broadcasted during the Super Bowl, and from this you can make some forecasts about the movies hoping for box office success this year.





How did the Super Bowl look in the online world? Twitter still dominates live events, Facebook’s Stadium was not a threat during the Super Bowl.

Doritos Super Bowl advertising:


Snickers has one of the best commercials:


So does Adobe


Axe did pretty well too:




Something iconic.The car: a race car, featuring a 4.1L V12 engine, Ferrari F340 in rosso corsa, a piece of lovely design.

The road, couldn’t get more iconic than this for such an Italian beauty: Stelvio Pass at sunrise.


Baita dei Pini


Aueuer Hof


Eden Bormio





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