Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 44th edition

In cappuccino on February 4, 2016 at 9:33 am

75d58c5fa (1)Good morning onliners. It was just yesterday I was reading that it has become cheaper to open a physical store than an online one as everybody is moving online and battling for a limited amount of attention they can get from customers. At the same time I was reading Amazon is opening hundreds of physical bookstores. The Atlantic makes a pretty nice summary of the theories revolving around this news. I would stick to far less than The Atlantic is presenting: with physical locations becoming cheaper, we have two problems left: delivery time and delivery cost, also side problems with deliveries, which makes the shipping cost one of the most important problems an online store has. And there is one perspective I couldn’t agree more with: books are just a test drive for Amazon.

I was saying that infrastructure will be online for the next billion users. So will probably the next industrial Revolution. It’s high time for another industrial revolution, almost a century from Fordism. I’m not sure why this would be the 4th Industrial Revolution, not the 3rd, but I do agree with these pieces of advice: disruption sounds more dramatic than it is, and it rather refers to finding a business niche than to the transformation itself, what companies need to do is start the journey towards this Industrial Revolution, be it the 3rd or 4th. Unless your company is accumulating more gap between its traditions and this industrial revolution, the change will be a journey, not an earthquake.


Also, my dear onliners, today is Facebook’s 12th birthday and while the social network became more than a place a human online interactions, it reminds us that it was about friendship and “friends”-the name of our connections on Facebook, at the beginning. They were some great 12 years with great news releasing today as Facebook beat Youtube.  You are going to see plenty of self generated content shared by you “friends” today. Here’s an example:


Also, remember Facebook’s first ad? Here’s a reminder:



Awesome advertising:



Coca Cola for the Super Bowl


photo: Alfred Maskeroni


Some more Super Bowl advertising:





As one of my friends was travelling to Aberdeen this morning and there’s this Scottish accent humming in my mind sometimes, let’s go to Scotland today, taking, obviously, an iconic route and an iconic car, or at least one I love.

The car: I felt in love with this car in a Sunday morning fair for vintage car lovers in Moffat, which is almost the border between England and Scotland, MG P-type Airline coupe. It was a very quirky car, but I adore its shapes, reminds me of the snake who had eaten a hat in the Little Prince, and back in 1934 was a sports car, so I consider it very appropriate for my iconic route.

The route: Bealach na Ba road, a historic pass with scenic views. Just imagine that car’s colour contrasting with the surroundings.

Bealach na Ba, Applecross, Highland, Scotland

The iconic stay: Torridon, clawfoot bathtub and a boathouse.




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