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Twisting the news – 43rd edition

In cappuccino on February 3, 2016 at 8:11 am

Renault opens a Chinese factory. It is for business moves like this I say we will be quite affected by an economic crisis in China. Renault’s facility is a joint venture with Chinese auto maker Dongfeng, as Renault is one of the last big names in the industry to enter the Chinese market. I’m not sure whether this is the best investment Renault could make, not only considering the situation in China, but also keeping in mind that the Chinese usually get the know how from foreign companies and later on they build it themselves and become one of the market leaders. I’ve probably said it before that I do not believe China, as it is today, quite state controlled, to be the best market for mass products, but I do believe China to be a very good market but luxury products, niche products that scream “made in Europe”. I believe China is a better opportunity for BMW-Audi-Mercedes than for Renault.

Cybersecurity is probably the main problem standing in our way with going furher with the Internet of Things and interconnectivity. However, they say cybersecurity is possible. Everybody is talking about the cloud, about esociety, about the Internet of things, but we’re still somewhat reluctant to give away our credit card information and there is still fraud in that domain. If such things happen on a small scale, fears upon cybersecurity in esocities are legitimate. There was one point I particularly liked: cybersecurity is a business matter and if it isn’t it should become one. As many departments and suppliers collaborate to come up with the best product, so should all suppliers and departments involved.


source: statista.com

Alphabet just released its annual report and our society’s direction becomes more obvious than ever: life shall be online. Google is now the biggest company as it passes Apple as the world’s most valuable company. That added to already common knowledge fact that Uber is more valuable than GM. However, not all companies are doing well, Yahoo plans to cut jobs as revenue slumps.


Lovely design that changes our life, it is no clawfoot, but it is a bathtub by Tal Engel, inspired by Asian boat building techniques:

Awesome advertising in the service of kindness:



Some more Super Bowl advertising:



Also, here’s a picture of how big of an event the Super Bowl is for brands:


source: adweek.com

Needing some inspiration/motivation yesterday, I was taking another look at Urban Outlaw, the 32 documentary of the legendary Porsche builder, Magnus Walker. Yes, I do find Magnus’ story a very inspirational one. Definitely worth watching, even if you are not a fan of vintage cars:



While searching for my dose of inspiration in Magnus Walker’s story, I was thinking where I’d take my 911 Porsche, an iconic roadtrip of course.


And so I reached the conclusion there is nothing more aproppriate for a 911 Porsche restaured by Magnus Walker, than a Big Sur roadtrip.


source: bbc.com

Post Ranch Inn


Glen Oaks Big Sur




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