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Twisting the news – 42nd edition

In cappuccino on February 1, 2016 at 9:09 am

As many western companies rely on the Chinese market for growth and many others have Chinese shareholders, an important part of the world relies on the Chinese economy, therefore what happens in China is important for all of us. Here‘s an interesting analysis of what is going on right now in China, mainly deconstructed some exaggerations present in the media these days.

Other voices claim we are closer to recession and it is all linked to China, again. As stated in the above mentioned analysis, there is a lot of exaggeration around the Chinese economy, but the simple fact that all our studies revolve around China should be an indicator of China’s importance in the world economy. The number of opinions on the matter simply makes my head spin, however, I’ll try to express my opinion: China has been playing a huge role on the world economy since 2008 and for a while it seemed to be the leading economy, not the second one. Still, much of the data available on China is shadowy, as China reports are still massively state controlled and so is the media. The US seems to be recovering and re-industrializing, seems to have understood the power of locally produced and buy local. One more thing should be remembered: that between 2008 and the end of 2015, China was a massive investor throughout the world and a market and if China falls, it will drag down an important number of economies, maybe not Brazil for example, but European countries will probably be affected and so will be the US. So,the Chinese economy should not fail and it will probably not.

Now let’s talk 2016 elections, I’ve been trying to avoid a little until it gets spicier, juicer and more interesting and it has. Bernie Sanders is very good at winning hearts: Vampire Weekend performed a cover during a concert to show their support, Ben & Jerry icecream company c0-founder released a flavor whose package reads: “The entire top of this pint is covered with a thick disk of solid chocolate. Underneath is plain mint ice cream.The chocolate disk represents the huge majority of economic gains that have gone to the top 1% since the end of the recession. Beneath it, the rest of us.” Bernie is definitely good at winning the social media, which is something, technology (cough) Hilary is not particularly good at. I personally do not believe in Hilary’s success: Hilary still has baggage, not talking only her husband. Dear marketers, stay close to Bernie because I feel we can learn a few lessons from his campaign.


1Last week Mattel launched a “realistic” version of their iconic doll: Barbie. It was one of the best business moves I’ve seen in a while and it brought them huge amounts of media attention, including a Time cover. Just last year I was reading an article about the pressure also existent on men’s bodies. In the given context, someone is asking an absolutely legitimate question: should Mattel launch a new line of Ken dolls too? Let me try answer that question: probably not too soon. This move Mattel is making is not only a direct result of the body acceptance speech, but also women empowerment. Remember when I was telling you about men objectification and how with the rise of women, objectification will be something also met with men? It is happening and we see it in advertising, men can also be trophies. However, when compared to women objectification and body shaming, this is a rather new phenomenon around men. So, probably it will take some more time until Ken gets a beer belly. However, it would make a nice move for Mattel to also introduce a mate for Kardashian Barbie.

In the category of lovely design implemented in real life, today we are featuring a sweeper and funnel from Menu World.

Awesome advertising:


More teasers for Super Bowl commercials, as it apparently became a trend to tease advertising during the Superbowl.




As I was thinking which of my bucket list destinations should be explored today and I’ve just seen a picture from New Zealand, which reminded me of their Fiordland, a member of the never ending bucket list, along with various iconic routes, flying airplanes along spectacular coasts  and cruising with a sailing ship. Dream about a picnic after flying the beautiful fiords included. Now let’s talk clawfoot bathtubs and lovely scenery:

Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses – I hope you’re not considering a normal room when you can have a tree houses

Shepherd’s Cottage Annandale

Lake Kora Treehouses

Takou River Glamping (maybe we’ll discuss glamping in a future edition)

Minaret Station

The Redwoods Treehouse – this time, a lovely place to eat, it’s a treehouse so I couldn’t help it

Also, New Zealand seems like a wonderful place to visit in the company of a picnic basket. Speaking of New Zealand, I’ll leave in the company of some Monday morning inspiration about a New Zealander: The World’s Fastest Indian about an elderly man from New Zealand who decides to set up a speed record and does so (spoiler).



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