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Twisting the news – 41st edition

In cappuccino on January 29, 2016 at 3:36 pm

It’s Friday again so I’m just going to try and give less business and more leisure, maybe some inspiration for the weekend ahead.

The Smartphone market is booming: more than 1.4 billion smartphones were shipped last year, Xiaomi became 4th largest smartphone manufacturer. This is probably the source of all hysteria around Apple’s number. We should all remember that next billion people to go online will not afford Apple and unless Apple will not release a product targeting those markets, the numbers should not worry anyone.

It’s the season for yearly reports, and Amazon also released theirs. Amazon is not doing so well, as its shares dropped after the report was released, even though sales went up by 22%, just because the company missed the expectations. I’m sorry, but did anyone meet the expectations? Besides some online companies, exceeding the expectations-  yes I am making a point here about the future.

One of the best business moves I’ve seen a giant making lately:


Lovely design, today I’m loving the headphones from Master Dynamic:


Awesome advertising from Garnier Fructis:


Clever advertising:


Prankvertising is not gone, yet. Here’s what Mercedes did:



Beware, the Super Bowl is almost here and everyone is teasing about it:



I’m going to end this edition of the Twisting the News with a reminder: it’s Friday, the weekend is ahead, so here’s a suggestion for a very iconic weekend, I might just as well continue the talk about iconic things to do. My favorite car in the world is the Mille Miglia BMW, BMW 328 and even though BMW is a German car, I find it most aproppiate to take this particular BMW on a roadtrip in Italy. These are two of the things I consider one the loveliest on planet Earth: the Mille Miglia BMW and Italy. I do hope BMW will find inspiration in the beautiful shapes of the car again.


Albereta – Brescia 

Brunelleschi Hotel – Florence 

Ville sull’Arno – Florence 

Belmond Villa San Michele – Fiesole

Villa Baldelli – near Cortona




Borgo Santo Pietro

G-Rough Rome


Now imagine…


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