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Twisting the news – 40th edition

In cappuccino on January 28, 2016 at 12:42 pm

We should all accept that disruption is a thing, a big thing, be that a too much hyped word or a concept with real implications for our lives. However, it is present in our lives and it is lowering our change resistance. If you are a disruption enthusiast, take 5 minutes to read this, but actually, I read it already and I can tell you: stop worrying whether you are disruptive enough and or whether you play by the rules of now-traditional-disruption. Disruption does not play by the rules, and if you are running a big company, dinosaurs as I call them, try to make them dance by the new rules. In this manner of thought, I believe GM is doing a great job joining the sharing economy and launching Maven.

Everybody is going insane that Apple missed its unit target. I am not an Apple fan, but please do remember that Apple just reported record profit for the last quarter. Selling many units was never the business model for Apple and with huge margins, quantity is not the future for Apple. I’ve seen a number of voices who claim that Apple’s wow days are gone, but it shouldn’t be of any surprise to those who remember the hype when Burberry’s CEO left for Apple: Apple will no longer leave you awe struck with their products, but in need to buy them as a commodity, which is a business model for luxury companies with big margins, which is what Apple is doing.

My beloved Italian people, please do read this: Peugeot and Airbus are entering the Iranian market, while the urban legend has it the French refused to take away the wine in the official dinner. I’ve learned during negotiations, not owing a backbone will not make one a good negotiator, on the contrary.

Meanwhile, stop the world please, I need to write the constitution of United States of Facebook and then come back. Facebook just announced its quarterly results: we’re 1.59 billion people on Facebook, which makes Facebook world’s largest community, or state. I have been, am and will continue being a Facebook (Inc) advocate and no, it is not about numbers, or size it is about integration and it is about the virtual reality to come.  The numbers look incredible: Facebook’s revenue was increased by 44%.  Which brings me back to my theory that we’re transitioning towards a virtual world and an esociety.


source: Facebook.com/zuck

When the world is back on tracks, I’m going to need you to stop it again so that I can perform a dance to celebrate African development. Being Africa’s most developed country, South Africa will probably the first to show its huge potential: townships are attracting tourism and tourism means new business opportunities.

Old Spice is one of the brands that excel with social media. They released probably one of the first interactive youtube videos and it was a hit. They’ve done something awesome again: Old Spice opened futures selves Twitter accounts for some of its fans answering a question about future selves. Now, that’s one-to-one conversation and interaction, probably drove massive engagement.


Remember when I was telling that China is learning how to market its products? Here’s a sample of Huawei marketing:



Colgate just launched its Super Bowl ad, which is not precisely an ad for Colgate:



Ikea is weird and wonderful


A bankless future:


I’m so happy to see design taking over our lives, to see functionality transformed into beauty, from toothbrushes to coffee makers, and maybe someone will take a better look at laptop computers and other gadgets that remain relatively ugly to the day. I’m in love with the coffee makers from Manual Goods:

Where do we go today? I can’t decide for a destination, but I know what I’d like to drive. It is a French car, from an auto manufacturer than no longer but some people are trying to bring it back to life, because…I was speechless to see these. So, the iconic trip today would be in one of these and because Delahaye was the winner of many races, the drive would be Col de Turini.


Spending the night and Chateaux Saint Martin 


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