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Twisting the news – 39th edition

In cappuccino on January 27, 2016 at 9:19 am

If you are trying to reach millenials, be that to buy your product, engage them, convince them to vote for you, you should see the infographic Goldman Sachs made. This is the largest generation in the US, more numerous than baby boomers and chances are that at a certain point in your life you will have to talk to this generation. They are things we knew more or less: millenials do not like to commit, they prefer access to ownership, they like technology because they grew up with it. I will continue with my usual warning: be ware, not all millenials all born equal and with the same preferences, use the data in order to profile them.

Following the scandal at Volkswagen and the problems with Renault, the EU wants to change its policies that regulate the auto sector for better control.  Remaining in the auto industry, Hyundai, the world’s fifth biggest car manufacturer, reported the lowest profit in 5 years. 

While the whole world seems to battle economic issues, Apple reports biggest quarter ever, but misses on unit sales. Even with the huge earnings in the last quarter, that failure to achieve the target in unit sales still means an economic problem, one that the above mentioned Hyundai was mentioning as well: China is stagnant, and many of the predictions in the last few years were based on Chinese growth.

Another one bites the dust of social media marketing: Snapchat, as several brands are going to run ads during the Super Bowl.

Greet the future in medicine, Periscope partners with WebMd, making Stethoscope, a platform that shows us what the future of medicine could look like: a combination of social media and online consultation.


Awesome advertising:







source: adeevee.com

We continue our journey in Africa with a pitstop in a lovely, less known camp in Chad: Camp Nomade, a very authentic African experience. Couldn’t identify a clawfoot tub, but found an outdoor shower and an amazing light.


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