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Twisting the news – 38th edition

In cappuccino on January 26, 2016 at 8:15 am

I am an online enthusiast, I’ve always been and there is no way I can hide it. I’ve endorsed online advertising since its early days and while I knew mobile and social media will reshape our existence, I couldn’t have guessed how much we were going to rely on all these. I was saying that nothing is dramatically changing, that we are just moving our society into e-society and adapting on the way: the teenager, the young, the medium aged, the old, they came to terms with e-society. For example, an elderly person, 83 years old, whose name happens to be Donald Rumsfeld, is building an app: Churchill’s Solitaire.  I find the news exciting, but not shocking, which means elderly people have been around the online world for a while now.

Although I am an advocate of e-society, we still need physical worlds to host our bodies and be the mis-en-place for our social interaction, and it seems that Renaissance Florence was better at it than nowadays Silicon Valley. Reading this wonderful comparison I was reminded how much I love Florence’s Renaissance and how there’s no better comparison between this and the disruptive times we are living in.

While analysts say we should keep our calm because there is not another 2008 just around the corner, data shows contrary and we have to major problems: China and oil. Bloomberg also mentions an indicator of the economic crisis we’re slowly stepping into: Jerry Seinfeld is selling his Porsche, labeling a Porsche a risky asset. On top of that, we also have the migration crisis here in Europe,a test we are going to fail, The Economist claims.

If video killed the radio star, will mobile kill the desktop star? As mobile devices reach almost same capabilities as desktops, we rapidly switch to mobile, becoming the only technology we rely on, when I got my phablet, I spent quite a long time without needing any other device. Here’s what’s happening in the US. I know, you may claim that Americans are trendsetters, but developing countries online scene will also be dominated by mobile, with mobile technologies becoming cheaper and infrastructure needed more available. Along with increased usage of mobile, mobile advertising also grows, as Instagram is reported to display more ads than ever.


source: adweek.com

Is Google admitting its failure with Google Glass as it shuts down all social media accounts? In terms of what piece of tech we choose to use our eyes for, Oculus seems to lead in front of Google Glass, as audiences seem far more excited for VR technology. For example, following Disney’s announcement last year, Samsung will open its own VR content studio.

Cosmetic manufacturers, are you ready? H&M is about to enter the market of organic beauty.  The growth in indie organic beauty has been easily spotted by H&M and they are ready to make a move in the market, but will they manage to be successful in a market dominated by indie brands, while being associated with mass market and traditional consumerism? I must admit, if that is the final package, they’ve done a great job with placing themselves in the indie market.

Awesome advertising, breast stickers that relate to the “produce freshness” ones.


source: adweek.com

Advertising for the elder:

Inspirational advertising, from a bank. Told you these guys in the banking sector need to reconsider their relationship with their target audience:




In terms of design that changes the world, today we talk about icons to adopt design that change the world, and we wish happy birthday to a lovely icon. Here’s to you, Mr. Paul Newman, this is maybe what icons are made of:

Today we’re not talking about a destination, but about a chain I personally love and adore: Soho House, a brand that understood lovely design way ahead its time, a brand that understood the need of a coherent story. With locations in London, Chicago, Berlin, Istanbul, it is one of the world’s loveliest chains in tourism:


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