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Twisting the news – 36th edition

In cappuccino on January 21, 2016 at 7:50 pm

Some time ago, I was discussing the importance of Facebook investment in Oculus Rift, I was saying, yes, sure, augmented reality is relevant to video games, advertising, retail but also of great importance in virtual dialogue, be that a conference, a grup or just a talk with a friend, and Facebook is the owner of two of the most relevant IM apps on the market: Messenger and Whatsapp and also the biggest social network ever created. However, until Oculus becomes widely available, here’s what Microsoft is doing: Microsoft is investing in a project called RoomAlive which scans each individual sitting in each room and projects the image into the other room, as if they were there speaking face to face. The project sounds a little more complicated and unachievable than what Facebook could do with Oculus.

Speaking of Microsoft, they just announced, something with a wow factor which made me realise once again the huge impact online infrastructure is having on our society: Microsoft will to donate $1 billion of cloud computing to non-profit groups and universities.  This is strengthening my belief the infrastructure will be online. I was reading this and thinking: wow, cloud computing is available to anyone, it could as well be a non profit group from Botswana, which is the beauty of the online world we live in.

Regarding the online infrastructure which makes the world spin faster, for those reluctant to the power of online infrastucture or the benefit of internet.org, you should read the results of this study which looks at the way Facebook is used in a group of farmers in Myanmar: Facebook is for news.

Hello robot my old friend, it’s me, the person who keeps writing about you, doubting you, thinking how you are already present in my life. Here are some trends about robots in the future in our urban lives: driverless buses – some companies already announced investing in, automatic reparation of potholes and urban maintenance and autonomous deliveries- somewhat like Amazon’s drones only that on the ground and autonomous. Of course, integrated with the Internet of Things it all makes sense in the direction of optimization, however there are still moral issues to consider.

Here’s another recurrent subject: the Bitcoin and this is definitely an interesting statement on why the Bitcoin is not the disruptive thing we’re all waiting for in the banking sector. There are clearly some point one should consider. However, I believe no one claims that the Bitcoin is a purpose in itself, but a long term process. The reason for which I’m excited about cryptocurrencies is the way they are born: through mining, which I believe to be the begging of the end for money or tokens, and the beginning for entirely digital coins, which is happening nowadays for quite a big percent for the money in the world. The bitcoin will the play the role of an educational system which creates habits and a history for digital coins. What I believe to be the next step in the development of cryptocurrencies is a parallel crowd funded banking system. That, I believe, will be the next disruptive innovation: crowd funded banking and the eliminations of tokens or physical currencies.

The Young and the Restless, episode infinite plus one: Apple wins US ban on older Samsung smartphones. I’ve previously stated my position: I, personally, do not like monopoly because monopoly does not create room for competition and development, but Apple’s obsession with any mere similarities dates back to its beginning and the historical rivalry with Microsoft.

Facebook does not forget it is a social space after all. Accordingly, they launched an online place to enjoy sports with your friends, Facebook Sports Stadium.

Awesome advertising:


source: adeevee.com

In terms of automated marketing meets context, here’s something that sounds extraordinarily good from Google: automated real time ads. Brands will be able to preload ads and then customize them to take full advantage of one moment or reactions, like some moments did with the Superbowl blackout on social media. Let’s take a look at what Oreo did back then and it was hugely successful:


Life changing lovely design: the lunchbox

Because here it is incredibly cold I believe we need to dream about warmer places: St. Lucia, Carribean.

Jade Mountain, one of the softest spots I’ve got for what people traditionally call a resort and it is mostly because of the bathtub-with-a-view:


Ladera Resort

Sugarbeach Viceroy Hotel

Boucan by Chocolat, a former cocoa plantation, ah, how easily I fall for lovely transformations:


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