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Twisting the news – 35th edition

In cappuccino on January 20, 2016 at 9:18 am

Automation again. Because automation no longer means only machinery replacing hard, physical work,  the white collars will also be affected, but it’s artificial intelligence that will affect their jobs.  Yes, as discussed yesterday, the first affected will be the blue collars, but the next ones will be even white collars. Obviously, the demand for jobs will increase while for others will decrease, as it has in the past.

Not only there is a market for self driving cars, but also a plan, as the US Department of Transportation has a $4 billion plan to reduce the number of cars accidents on American roads by increasing the number of self driving cars. The same article says Elon Musk recently stated that driving is too dangerous for humans and it will outlawed soon. With all due respect, dear Elon, meet the most loved in the world in 2015: BMW. Their slogan? The ultimate driving machine, recently changed from Sheer Driving Pleasure. It is only recently that humans have lost the pleasure in driving, but for some time it has been about pleasure and 90% of the branding in the auto industry is about escapism, pleasure, speed, adrenaline rush. I honestly hope you are wrong Elon Musk, although, rationally speaking, driving will become luxury, as the insurances for cars with human drivers will also become more expensive.

A screen at a Beijing junction shows a speech by Xi Jinping, new head of the Communist partyAfter giving up the Chinese market in 2010, in 2016, 6 years after, Google is heading back to China. Will they find a way to cope with the country’s repressive policies regarding freedom of speech? In order to comply with this censorship, Google is also working on an appstore with apps that have governmental approval. International companies entering a local market have to comply to local rules, companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google are doing it all the time, as every country has its own set of national rules and definitions for hate speech, offence and what makes it a crime. However, in some countries like China, Pakistan, most of offline and online media is state controlled to a higher degree than democratic countries would allow it. Until recently, mass media was state controlled which made censorship easy. When international companies complying to very strict policies, a dilemma could be born: aren’t these companies also becoming tools for state propaganda? Let’s see where they draw the line and how much are they ready to comply. By the way, Google is to update its Penguin algorithm within weeks.

Retail is changing because our economy and our society is changing, and as the representation for our consumerist society was the retail industry, we’re probably going to see a lot of disruption. For example, SamplingLab is somewhat like a drive test store where you can pay products with your opinion. Products like food, beverages and home living products can be bought for the price of an honest opinion.

The cosmetic industry seems to be about bloggers and endorsers nowadays. Boots is giving their vloggers and testers a tumblr page to discuss their products. Boots is following a general trend in the cosmetics industry.

Facebook now offers Android users more privacy, with the possibility to encrypt data via Tor. Doing so will anonymize your data, making websites unable to track your preference. This tool is thought to be useful for countries where censorship is high. However, do not forget the downturns.

Consumers and advertisers in the same place? It would seem like cats and dogs, but someone created a platform for these two human species to communicate. How bizarre, right?

Coca Cola released a new campaign and is creating some hype. Here’s the commercial:

Some argue the new approach is product-centric. On the contrary I’d say taste the feeling – it’s new slogan is, now more than ever, about feelings and about the interaction with their product. This shift could have been announced by some online campaigns last year in which various influences were recalling their first memory with Coca Cola and yes, it was about the taste of a feeling, not the taste of Coca Cola.

Awesome advertising:

And some travelling: Forbes reminded me what an amazing country Oman is.

Therefore, Alila Jabal Akhdar, obviously featuring a bathtub, obviously



Six Senses Zighy Bay, not a bathtub, but a nice shower:





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