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Twisting the news – 34th edition

In cappuccino on January 19, 2016 at 8:22 am

source: economist.com

Time definitely flies. I do not know about how much fun the Arab states are having but these days we realise 5 years have passed from the Arab Spring. The Economist publishes an interesting analysis of what happened to those states. In some countries the revolution succeeded in some others it failed, in others it partially succeeded and some others are at civil war right now. There are some thing I do not agree with and some thing I must add: there is a more complex background and context to Sudan than the Arab Spring, should we be talking about South Sudan and Sudan.

Audience, meet meatvertising, a shift in Arby’s identity that I personally find a little too much: 

People trust Google with their news, more than they trust actual news sources.  Search engines top traditional media and social media as a source of news. Which means people think search engines are telling the truth. Google is after all the second most reputable company in the world.

The online world after ad blocking does not look the same anymore and businesses are affected. What will happen from now on: publishers will turn to platforms like Facebook Instant Articles, Google Contributor, Apple News with Facebook Instant Articles leading publisher’s preferences, even though, people do not seem to trust these platforms yet.

Google will allow to app installs directly from the search results page, skipping the Play Store. Of course, we’re talking Android for the time being. The guys at Search Engine Journal believe Google is doing this to attract more visitors to its search engine, of course more traffic means more money for Google’s business. However, I believe there is a long term policy at Google to try and make everything available in the search result page: from products to “buy buttons” and now direct installment of apps.

The daily dose of travelling is in Iceland, as it seems to be getting increasing attention:

Iceland Air Hotels Vik Location

The same company (Iceland Air Hotels) operates a lighthouse hotel:

lighthouse-incredible-stopover (4)

source: icelandair.us

The landscape where Hotel Budir is located reminds me of one my favorite movies’ setting: Breaking the waves.

A luxury design hotel in Reykjavik: 101 Hotel

A hip interestingly designed budget option: Kex Hostel

And one of Iceland’s most awarded hotels: Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel


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