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Twisting the news – 33rd edition

In cappuccino on January 18, 2016 at 8:37 pm

Robots, automation, artificial intelligence, are you afraid for your job? We’ve been concerned for some time now that a robot might steal our job, but not every job is endangered, Industry Week claims. However, it would seem that most threatened are the usually vulnerable ones, but not in the next 5 years.

Walmart has been declining for some years now. What happened to America’s biggest retailer? Not so long ago Walmart was the biggest employer in the US, but then, something happened and Walmart started declining and never managed to get back on track. Here’s an analysis of the reasons that led to Walmart’s decline. A summary: the world as we know it is changing, the American suburbia is dying, despite high rates of unemployment, cheap workforce is hard to find and not lastly, the Walmart’s business model with absurdly high pressure on providers is coming to an end.

Vehicle emissions scandal is not over. In the middle of Volkswagen’s cheat scandal, another one rises: Renault. It appears that the French manufacturer is not clean either. However, Renault states they did not cheat and that test conditions are very different from real life. They are soon to be present a plan to reduce emissions for its diesel engines. Here’s what is at risk for Renault as Volkswagen joins Shell as one of the world’s most hated brands:


source: thedrum.com

Cinemagraphs, gifs and video content. In the last few year a picture has been more than 1000 words, worthy of our attention. It means we’ve grown immune to pictures and we need something more dynamic in order to react and give our time to take a look at something. This year you must meet and greet cinemagraphs, an animated picture that will be at the center of attention in 2016.

Here are some examples:

I do consider Pornhub to have a great marketing strategy, delivering some of the most creative and smartest content I’ve seen lately, but Diesel is catching up, creating emojis for Pornhub and Grindr, and it is extremely humorous. The ads are personalized for the websites on which they are running:


source: marketingmagazine.co.uk


source: marketingmagazine.co.uk


Heineken is strong in the middle of a storm around an ad, claimed to be patronizing women:

Nissan, however, is on the side of inspirational advertising:

Enough business and marketing, let’s talk a bit about the beauty in the world. Firstly, about how wonderful design will make the world a better place. MB&F Sherman Robot Clock.

The daily dose of travelling which we cannot live without. I’ve encountered this article about stargazing in Europe: Exmoor National Park, and I’ve remembered about another park recommended for stargazing: Galloway National Park. It is quite picturesque, however be ware, for both, especially for Galloway that in summer the Sun sets quite late and rises early, so the hours of complete darkness are just a few. And if you do go stargazing in Galloway, do enter through New Galloway, the smallest royal burgh, extremely picturesque.

Stop for tea in the garden at the Smithy’s .

Of course, a lodge: Knockinaam Lodge



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