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Twisting the news – 32nd edition

In cappuccino on January 14, 2016 at 8:59 am

source: industryweek.com

Tesla, it seems that from now on, you will not alone. Audi joins you and many other. However, Tesla is still trying to lead the market. Now it is going to be about who makes the best the best driver for the drivelerless. Remaining in the auto industry, US Government is not satisfied with Volkswagen’s plan to recall the affected vehicles. Not everything goes according to the plan for Volkswagen.

Al Jazeera is leaving America. Here’s the explanation: “our business model is simply not sustainable in light of the economic challenges in the U.S. media marketplace.” Al Jazeera had a very interesting evolution on the mass media market: from being associated with terrorist groups to becoming a reliable source of source of journalism awarded numerous distinctions.

Is this the future of Artificial Intelligence? Google Maps is rolling out a new feature: it could predict where you want to go next. It is obviously based on the personal history provided. Maybe it is a motivation to do something new each day. No, Google Maps, I’m not going home, I’m going to do something different today, I’m going grocery shopping, oh, it was my grocery shopping day today.  This means our lives follow patterns AI will soon be able to read into.

Facebook is on an ascendant trend with ad budgets increasing 11% in Q4. Most of that money was spent on performance ads, unpublished page post ads be that link, photo, video or carousel. Facebook budget will continue to grow, most likely. Speaking of Facebook they are rolling out a new feature: verified Android users will be able to broadcast live videos. Sure, the main difference between Periscope and Facebook is that Facebook is not yet accessible to anyone.

Awesome advertising for the day:


source: adsoftheworld.com

Remember that trend with the inner beauty in women’s cosmetics? It is also reaching men’s cosmetics:

And a bonus, on travelling, Cotswolds is lovely indeed, No131 Hotel, Cheltenham:




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