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Twisting the news – 31 st edition

In cappuccino on January 12, 2016 at 8:15 am

Oh China, oh economy bubbles, o tempora, o mores! GM is still placing their bets on China: it is a volatile market but with immense potential General Motors management argues. However, there is also a twist to that: GM will also start selling vehicles made in China in 2016.View Post

Bloomberg published an analysis on the world economy in 2016, the ones already in a bad position to worsen their condition but also Finland, Croatia, Switzerland and Japan. No, the world economy is not alright.


source: dezeen.com

Design from McDonald’s: is McDonald’s finally understanding that the future is also about design customer experience. Are they learning something from Staburcks? McDonald’s will rebrand its boxes.

The future of wearables and sensors: app guided clothing. The name is self explanatory: it guides you. Also, do not forget about the data such a line of clothing can report, and how personalized a working out experience could be based on the data they deliver.

Uber announces to drop prices in 80 cities and its drivers are not happy about it. Despite this annoucement, the company also claims that a driver will receive a guaranteed amount of money. Still, Uber’s prices are established by demand, which means that if drivers decide to abandon the system, the offer will be lower while the demand remains the same, which might lead to increased rates.

Speaking of car sharing, this seems a big market everyone wants a piece of, especially these three CEOs. Everybody seems to agree that car sharing and ride sharing will go further than this and will be greater than this.

Awesome use of VR in marketing, from Nivea:

It is still about content, but more about video content and  marketers plan to spend more on display advertising than on search advertising, with mobile a clear priority for 2016. The digital craft category at Cannes Lion is here to prove that yet again, content will be very important in 2016.

Twitter could be developing a tool that sounds pretty nice for marketers, but might disturb users: new ad product that transforms tweets from normal users into endorsements for brands, making it easier to provide content.



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