Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 29th edition

In cappuccino on January 7, 2016 at 6:53 pm

source: dezeen.com

I personally believe design can save the world. No, not only beauty, but also coherence. Ikea designing refugee shelters for example. Can design save the world? No, not save it, but make it a better place. Alright, but can it save Kodak? Actually, it looks pretty nice. 


source: psfk.com

Speaking of iconic design, remember the legendary VW bus? Here‘s what it could become: a digital electric powered hub. Looks pretty nice too, but no Volkswagen, we’re not forgetting.

A few years ago I was telling you China will become a market for luxury goods and I was a bit outraged by the haute horlogerie houses which were launching special editions for the Chinese market. Yes, I still do not believe in the Chinese prospects for mass market goods, but I do believe that the Western civilization complex will make China a very good opportunity for luxury brands and companies such as Cadillac.

Beauty meets augmented reality and it is pretty awesome, see here. It can detect your skin color and test different types of make up and contact lenses on your skin. Your fully customizable self will be probably soon be available. Also, with the help of Artificial Intelligence we’ll probably soon be suggested what best suits us or even better, what’s the most appealing type of makeup for the opposite sex or whoever you are interested in. Also, speaking of beauty and tech, L’Oreal announced a sensor that can detect how much you’ve been in the sun and the risk of getting sunburns. This news is getting a lot media attention, but truth is Nivea did something similar on a smaller scale in Brazil.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO just gave some hints that they might be giving up their 140 characters limit. Lately, I’ve been hearing the idea that Twitter’s limit was a restriction. Honestly, I don’t think so. I believe that this is Twitter’s USP. Social media is overcrowded with information, text, photos, video, gifs and everybody wants a bigger share of our time. I’ve had my Twitter account before my Facebook account, and what actually makes me go back to Twitter is that 140 characters limit: catch my attention and give me relevant information in 140 characters or else.

Millenials, millenials, potato, potatoe, what do millenials want? Listen guys, I’m a bit bored with this conversation about millenials, they’ve been around as consumers for some years now, so you should stop yelling eureka about millenials’needs every year. The oldest of the millenial generation are almost 30 now, they are buying things, so you should have a clue about them by now. True, meanwhile, we found out that age targeting is a bit superficial and we have more criteria to target our audiences.

Let’s move on to something more interesting: Tinder is setting up an office in Delhi. I am not on the side of those who believe India is the next market with a wow factor. However, this is a courageous bet for Tinder. India is a very traditionalist society keeping its social stratification based on the caste system. As in most traditionalist societies, marriages are arranged and women expected to remains virgins. Obviously, as in most developing societies we have gaps between socioeconomic groups. But in a country a dating scene that could belong to the 19th century, Tinder makes an entrance. It will either be a sexual revolution followed by a social revolution and gender balance changes similar to the invention of the contraceptive pill, either a failure. I would bet my money on the first option and make it an example of how companies drive change nowadays.



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