Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 28th edition

In cappuccino on January 6, 2016 at 9:58 am

I’m not yet done discussing trends, but first, I’m going to leave you with a few examples of how the trends mentioned yesterday are already happening, and later on we’re going to discuss some other trends.

We’ve previously mentioned AI, and this is what is already happening at CES 2016: “Machine learning systems are getting upgraded with personalized interfaces that enable people to naturally communicate to accomplish tasks and even have simulated conversations. AIpowered algorithms and contextual understanding allow these platforms to more intimately know their users over time, enabling responsive recommendations and predictive actions. ” (source: PSFK report). Also, I’ve been playing with this which is an AI algorithm that predicts your age, etc. There’s one from Microsoft too: Project Oxford. It seems humans have a new toy, and they are invisible robots, algorithms as we call them.

Remember what I was telling you yesterday about video content and how digital marketing in 2016 will be about video and dynamic content. It will also be about something else: re-action time. This is something social media has been trying to teach us for some time. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. you need to react fast: be it a contextual post or a response. Going back to video content, this is what happened in the first day of 2016:  a hospital filmed its first birth of 2016, for a commercial which was ready to go live within a few hours.


I also mentioned the Bitcoin making a comeback. I said I do not know exactly how it will be reshaped but it is going to be back into the spotlight. Some people seem to agree based on the increase of numbers of transactions with bitcoins.

And now let’s mix two of my passions: world order and travel. Yesterday I was forecasting some hype around African developing countries. Today I was reading about some innovation at CES 2016 and how light can be brought to distant territories, which means there is a market for that sort of light. Also, I was browsing through Conde Nast Traveller’s top hotels for 2016, and trust me, it’s worth 10 minutes of daydreaming and some space in your bucket list, more and more of these hotels are in African countries. They are luxury resorts or just glamping places who claim to respect the environment and propose sustainable growth. I know, anthropologists will claim that those Masai dancing around your table at Four Seasons, Serengeti Tanzania are not authentic. They are right: it is a show put on for tourists. Some of those Masais will also be owners of a smartphone. That is happening in developing countries, burning steps. We tend to demonize that the development and progress, but the very moment a tourist interacted with a local, that environment changed, it is like contamination and in this contamination is western civilization and further development. Now, let me give a preview on why we’re going to receive postcards from African holidays or even go on one. I know, for the time being it is luxury travelling, but with the development of these countries, it will become more and more affordable, so have your list ready:

Tanzania, Mwiba River Lodge:

source: The Luxury Safari Company

Greystoke Mahale The Camp, Tanzania 

source: Nomad Tanzania

Richard’s Camp, Kenya

source: Facebook Page Jack’s Camp

Sirikoi, Kenya

source: Sirikoi

Cottar’s 1920 Camp, Kenya

source: Cottars

These are just two countries in Africa: Kenya and Tanzania, probably two of the most authentic and representative for the image Western civilizations have on the African continent. However, with more of these appearing, societies have a natural course of development when an authentic African middle class will have been formed.


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