Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 27th edition

In cappuccino on January 5, 2016 at 12:16 pm

calendar-924930_640So, welcome 2016. Not in my best shape as I’m struggling with a cold, but there’s fun in the struggle. So, with my face almost entirely covered in tissues, with my red eyes, I present you the news, the history and the prognosis for 2016.

What will happen in tech? I’ll sum it up for you: sensors will be more and more present in our day to day life. They will gather even more data about us, which will make AI even more intuitive and relevant. Not necessarily in 2016, but in the near future.  Artificial Intelligence will continue being the subject for heated debates around matters like ethics and morality but also the widespread fear that AI will take over the human race.

Debates in economy will probably be dominated, again by the Chinese bubble, Africa rising and the sharing economy. The Chinese economy will probably have its fluctuations and questionable reports, continuing to be the biggest market for most manufacturers (also quite tricky). As we’ve seen in 2015, China did some major investments in Africa and some US based companies are targeting African countries which is a sign Africa will be more and more present in our debates over economic matters.

The sharing economy which now contains businesses like Airbnb, Uber, Blabla car, etc, will probably be differentiated into the sharing economy and on demand economy, with more questions about the benefits and job protection of collaborators.  Also, I’m having this feeling that the bitcoin will be making a comeback, and definitely some sharing economy in the banking sector, maybe crowdfunded usury.

Yes, we’ll also be talking a lot about driverless cars. Not necessarily see one, but there is going to be a lot of hype about them as some projects are coming nearer their deadline which is less than the next 5 years. We’ll also probably be hearing a little about the VW scandal as 2016 will be the year of lawsuits at VW.

2016 is the year in which the new president of the US will be elected, which directly translates into a lot of hype around Donald Trump who actually knows how to get all attention, after all the guy was a host for a TV show and he can be called a television personality. Who wins? I do not know if I can distinguish between my wishful thinking, hope for humanity and real chances of Donald Trump, but hopefully, he will not be the next president. Yes, we’ll continue talking about refugees and human rights and if no ceasefire agreement is reached in Syria, which still seems hard to achieve, we’ll continue condemning ISIS, but with little tangible results.

Ecommerce will be dominated by personalization and customer experience, which will translate in making the most out of big data but also delivering the best customer support. That can be obviously extended to offline retail. It’s slowly starting to be about the best experience and less about quantity. As to marketing it’s about our shift from static images to dynamic images, that is video content and Gifs: video content, live broadcasting. If I were to put it in one sentence: marketing in 2016 will be a video story that revolves around each individual.

As for the digital world we live in, this is the year Oculus will be made available on the market. I do not expect an explosion of VR content, but I do expect changes in our perception: I do expect a new type of advertising, and Oculus has actually been already used in advertising, but I also expect some new opportunities for the way in which we communicate.

In beauty the “natural” trend will continue, and by natural we also mean formula and “no photoshop”for the models. Social media superstars will continue being in the spotlight, even more than traditional stars, as social media continues to grow. Personalization and micro-specialization will continue, the cosmetic industry reaching niches we probably didn’t think of by now.





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