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Twisting the news – 24th edition

In cappuccino on December 16, 2015 at 7:47 am

source: gadgetsboutique.com

Missed these folks, Apple and Samsung and their patent trial? Apparently it is far from being over. Samsung is taking the case to the Supreme Court, hoping to overturn the decision taken in 2012. I’m with the democratization of technology on this one which  eventually becomes progress. For example, here are three ways low cost technology is transforming manufacturing. This eventually translates into more people having access to more basic goods.

Here’s solid proof you can start a business from anything: a Canadian company is selling bottled air in China and yes, there is a market and there are buyers.

This year too you can track Santa, with Google’s Santa tracker, but this year’s novelty is that you can also learn a bit of coding, speaking of democratization of resources. In the online world we live in, Facebook loosens up on its real-names policy amidst criticism, and will require users reporting fake names to type an explanation for the report.


source: quintly, 2015

Pinterest opens ads for all companies, one more for democratic access.  They were saying Pinteresting is doing nicely in conversions, we’ll just have to test it out. While waiting for Pinterest advertising, you might want to know what type of content do pinners repin most:35% recipe followed by 19% product.

First we had gifs, now we’re moving to profile videos.  In the past years we have reached the stage in which content equals at least a picture. Will 2016 be the year in which content will necessarily also include video?

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of push from Facebook to put some money into local advertising, here’s the reason: Facebook is doing a test on local search, and eventually on local advertising.

Our daily share of Christmas advertising:

Want something to dream about? Here’s Lapland’s Ice Hotel, not particularly a fan of ice hotels, but this one is definitely worth a visit.



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