Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 23rd edition

In cappuccino on December 15, 2015 at 9:05 am

Do we have something to learn from Warren Buffett’s hate towards extremely centralized management? Or maybe from Berkshire Hathaway’s performance? The company is managed in a very different manner from its competition: no central management, everything is local. Some are visionary managers and they understand trends long ahead times, like Warren Buffett: not only micromanagement, so popular until recent days proved itself to be disastrous, but also remember how important locally dealing with local matters is.

While Apple fake stores are a problem in China, the same country leads in patent application growth, with computer technology being the fastest developing sector.

Cosmetics makers are you ready for this giant created from DuPont and Dow. The global reach of the business is estimated at $130 billion. Speaking of cosmetics giants, L’Oreal’s CEO just got an award for his activity, spending his entire career at the cosmetics giant.

Offline retail is a very important part of the holidays, however there are a few things that can ruin it for everyone: from Christmas decorations to Christmas carols. Although most shoppers or clients do not perceive it, music is a very important part of the shopping experience, and here’s how you can keep music from ruining your business: the genre and volume are very important parts in the set.

Nicely done Porsche advertising:

Speaking of awesome advertising, Youtube made a list for different categories. Bloomingdale holds the title for the most hype generating Christmas campaign this year.

2015 marketing was dominated by content, so which are the posts


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