Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 22nd edition

In cappuccino on December 10, 2015 at 8:31 am

Just yesterday I was discussing the issue of vintage cars in contrast with driverless cars. What will happen to vintage cars in the future, if the future belongs to driverless cars? How will those still wanting to drive the cars themselves be seen be the owners of driverless cars? When we think of driverless cars we immediately picture being the passenger in an autonomous car, but there’s more than that: it could be a drivelerless trucks fleet. Removing the drivers from trucks would solve a lot of problems. Question remains, will these autonomous vehicles have a steering wheel and brakes?

Speaking about autonomous technology. Here’s how companies can use software for human resources management. The boss at Uber is an algorithm. Robots are here, they are among us, but they are invisible because they live in the cloud. 

A few days ago we were talking about how retail is changing: online, offline, everywhere. Offline retail is influenced by online, while online stores are trying to offer the best buying experience available. We all suspect Facebook must be doing something about shopping online, but apparently Youtube is ahead.

The world is growing, still growing:


source: ritholtz.com


Holidays marketing:

Almost everyone agrees Facebook’s Year in Review is the ad of the day:



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