Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 21st edition

In cappuccino on December 9, 2015 at 7:51 am

Culture and business are often something regarded as different, but culture and business should always come together, and this just reminded me how important it is to have a cultural perspective on the business world, even on the Internet of Things. I definitely like the emphasis on how culture translates into marketing and how the Internet of Things could benefit, or not from that. Speaking of IoT, here’s someone who might getting a real glimpse of what is going on right now: a lot of hype but no one really knows what it is. According to this guy we’re getting there but we fear cyber security is not good enough yet.

Best use of IoT in marketing? It might go to Pernord Ricard for its idea to transform bottles into displays. One thing that it could actually do is notify the consumer about its level and automatically order a refill. Quite close to Amazon’s button, but with a wider persepctive. 

I’ve been saying that companies shape contemporary societies but I haven’t really wondered why is that happening. I was reading about how a community managed to design a better hospital and how the management demanded feedback from their clients (patients) and their families and thus managed to deliver better services. Then it clicked. The state is not able to perform because the state does not it always reach its consumers, the state assumes it knows better. Public administrations think they know, and probably they do, but not always do they understand the needs their clients have, because they do not see them as their clients. Companies have immediate reactions and they always try to reach the consumer, because where a consumer’s need and its product meet it’s business and they have an immediate interest in making that relationship work.

We’ve been talking about retail as the year ends. Here’s a list of start ups that will be changing retail and the are all focused on the buying experience and extras. And speaking of startups, this is an app in Sweden that helps Swedes guard against crime and crowdsource help in the event of an emergency. Again, an example of how communities are in a do-it-yourself relationship with a a state, even a very developed one that feels left behind.

Speaking of threats and cybersecurity, this is Facebook’s reaction to the accusations regarding its slow action on ISIS accounts.  Facebook reaches a milestone: 50 million pages and is giving page administrators even more control.

Two weeks left until Christmas:




The award for tear jerking advertising today goes to:




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