Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 20th edition

In cappuccino on December 8, 2015 at 8:33 am

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits, the rebels. The troublemakers. The rounds pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.” Probably, my favorite commercial and most often labeled one of the best commercials to the date. It is printed on the wall in front of me, hidden enough not to be seen when one enters the room, visible enough for me to read it. Almost 20 years ago that commercial was summarizing what to advocate today: disruption. Every morning I open my news feed and I read about something extraordinary, something we slightly dream of, something some of us never thought possible, things that will make our lives better or at least try. Also, somewhat a false impression because it is only the extra-ordinary that is news material. Whatever it is that is happening these days I am under the impression we quietly fastened the pace even more. I’ll let you see that from the headlines today. Also,  now more than ever, when disruption is needed, you could do it, you the one with the idea that wants to change the world.

Amazon, a company started by a guy with many dreams and visions. They have changed retail, they did not settle and they are going for more. I believe this to be the key of happy endings for companies in the age we live in.  Amazon now holds the patent for a space totally transformed by holographic projection. Amazon already has prototypes. Let’s not forget what Amazon is. Amazon is the biggest online retailer. First ideas that come to mind of the countless applications is virtual wardrobes or even virtual supermarkets, virtual test drives. This is technology disrupting the shopping experience as we know, and once again, Amazon is the one doing it.

Retail is very competitive. The world is very competitive and they are all competing for our time and money, which means our buying experience must become more and more efficient and pleasant at the same time. Retail will be disrupted and old traditional retailers need to adapt. Uber is definitely one of the companies that is not stopping its development and among the other side services developed by uber, they are also testing an element of recognition for uber cars: a luminous spot that makes uber cars easily identifiable. It is clear that uber has now won enough market share and they are focusing on building their customer experience, which is the thing I was telling you companies of the future will have to be proficient at. And speaking of the triumph of experience over the lowest price, it seems people do prefer the premium product.

Talking about disruption, the collaborative economy became important enough to give evidence in front of the House of Lords, regarding the impact of such businesses:


Publishers, consumers, online readers, are you ready? Google Contributor is coming to Europe. Google Contributor is basically a paid option that disables a percentage of the ads usually shown based on your contribution. There is no plan that removes all the ads, yet.

As the year ends we also draw some lines, let’s talk about mobile. By the end of the year smartphone usage will probably reach 80% penetration rate in the US, with Android still leading this market, while globally Android holds 81% of the market. Android is a cheaper option for those developing countries that will make the internet grow quite fast in the next period of time while the market becomes saturated in the US. Facebook still holds the lead for most used app in the US, followed by Youtube, Facebook Messenger, some other Google service and Instagram. First positions are basically a dispute between Google and Facebook. Speaking of apps and mobile, these are the influencers and $230.000 is how much they could be making for branded content.

As to our share of Christmas advertising, this year  John Lewis does not lead as the most shared commercial while this is the most shared Christmas commercial:



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