Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 19th edition

In cappuccino on December 7, 2015 at 8:36 am

W151112_LEEMON_FROMGOOD-1200x1907.pngI have a strong belief that the future belongs to companies that understand and apply excellent customer care in order to achieve extraordinary customer satisfaction. Harvard Business Review is also eyeing this problem and trying to find an answer for what separates an ordinary client from the best customer: an emotional connection. When a customer is satisfied, the customer builds an emotional connection with that brand, placing it higher in its preferences. Customer care is vital.

For a long time now I’ve been talking about how companies are the ones driving change in modern societies. Disruption was a very trendy word for 2015, and it will probably still be in 2016. Now, you see, very big companies, with a few exceptions in the tech world are not good with disruption. They like their status quo, they like their serenity now. Start ups, however, are the game changers, they need to be in order to catch your attention. This is why, they will probably the ones shaping the world in the future. Like the cosmetics industry, for example, an industry made and shaped by giants. However, indie companies, niche companies are changing the game.

Another concept with a lot of hype around it is neuroscience. In the last year we’ve been talking about neuroscience in marketing, neuroscience in R&D, neuroscience in almost everything. Magazines are analyzing commercials from neuroscience’s point of view and we are looking at neuroscience to try and explain consumer behavior.   This will probably continue being part of the trend in 2016.

Definitely agree with this guy here, saying that not all people in a generation are the same, therefore not all millenials are the same. Just maybe, generational targeting is not always the best idea and one should also do some profiling inside the generation.

This is how consumers build their trust in food brands based on the packages. Quite awesome data one should check.

Because it’s Monday, I believe we all need a good story to read and here’s an opinion: the car industry forgot some of us actually enjoy driving cars and this is why I don’t have really friendly feelings towards driverless cars. While companies like Tesla and Google maybe Apple are rushing in to eliminate me as a driver, I still enjoy driving, and it’s not a burden.





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