Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 18th edition

In cappuccino on November 27, 2015 at 8:54 am

downloadAnother Friday in November, another Black Friday. But actually, we’ve noticed some brands laying off Black Friday. Black Friday is the epitome of consumerism, of a society that is maddened by sales and discounts, by quantity. But consumerism, some claim, is gone. We’re transitioning to post consumerism. Some brands have a more human approach, some others are on their way. These brands are sending you to admire the nature, instead of a shopping mall, these are the ones building experiences, instead of offering you a discount, and my bet is that these are the ones that will make it to the future.

On demand is not only for mass consumption for also for niches. There’s a Uber for jets, and now, apparently, a service that will allow you to drive another car every day of week depending on your needs: from city car to 4×4 explorer.

Content is still king and is probably here to stay. Thus, L’Oreal is building its own studio for branded content. The production studio will be based in Montreal, Canada. The cosmetic giant has understood the need for content on the market and is planning to manufacture it on its own.

Coca Cola finally launched its much awaited Christmas commercial:

This is how Post Office is advertising during the holidays:

Speaking of Christmas advertising, we also have a spoof:


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