Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 16th edition

In cappuccino on November 25, 2015 at 7:08 am

They say Wednesday is the hardest day of the week, because it’s midweek,  the weekend is yet too far to consider it. So, today I’m beginning with a story, one to restore faith in humanity: a German watch brand is recognizing the impact Medicins Sans Frontieres through a dedicated watch you can buy heretangente_33_msf_raum01

Just two days ago, I was presenting you an analysis saying that post industrialism shouldn’t give up manufacturing, because economic growth cannot happen without manufacture. Here’s what happened in the third quarter in the US: economy grew and manufacturing production too. Also, something else is happening: Made in the USA is selling to consumers. Yes, buy local has a reason behind it: buying local directly translates into manufacturing local which also directly translates into job and side businesses locally, which eventually drives the economy.

As the year ends we’re talking more and more about trends in 2016. Consumers will still be concerned about privacy but maybe we could give them control over the data they share. Marketers shouldn’t be scared, given the appropriate explanation of what happens to the data they share and its journey, consumers will probably share it willingly. What’s scaring the consumers right now is the fear of the unknown and the premise that somebody is doing something unappropriated with their information. Also, the data gathered is not accurate enough to drive real personalization for the customer journey.

Relevance, relevance, or maybe just make a consumer’s life easier. Here’s what Volvo is doing for Christmas this yeaR:


Airbnb shared its vision on the future of travel experience, they are not putting it into words, but it’s the same as mentioned above: relevance for the consumer: When you have 60,000 different listings in a city, how do you find the one that’s right for you?

When social networks and virtual reality collide questions are born about the future of social media. What will happen when Oculus becomes widely available, is Facebook preparing a surprise, will social virtual worlds become the reality? My belief, as stated before, is that the big bet at Facebook and Oculus is the social network of the future, and not gaming, advertising, etc.

The daily share of Christmas marketing:





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