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Twisting the news – 14th edition

In cappuccino on November 23, 2015 at 7:23 am

source: slate.com

We like to believe we live in post industrialism, on our way to post consumerism, but should we go on on this path, should we abandon manufacturing?  Some say that the post industrial economy is a myth, that we should stop abandoning industries, because we cannot solely rely on services. The author claims that there is enough evidence to support the fact that middle class status will decline at the same pace as the fall of manufacturing. I am definitely not a support of heavy industries, but,I kind of agree with this guy: in order to offer services we will also need manufacturing and manufacturing is so much more than just one industry. 

Virtual reality is the future and this is proven by the Samsung VR headset sold out within minutes.  Speaking of the future: the robots are coming and we’ve been aware of this for some while now, but will they be coming in 2016? Not really, but there’s something else coming in 2016: the humanoid condition, because we can already treat some of our organs or body parts as spare parts. Also, please check theworldin.com 2016 by the Economist, because it is absolutely gorgeous.

Speaking of virtual reality, here’s what Jaguar did:

Facebook has a new problem: dealing with the names we’ve all been seeing around these days: Phuc Dat Bich and Isis. It should be about the way you use Facebook, not your name this article claims but, that means Facebook starts learning all the languages on the planet in order to avoid trolling and abusive behavior, which draws us to another issue: where does censorship start and freedom end? My prediction? Coming next: the state of Facebook and its authorities.

Thai advertising has been full of tear-jerking ads, but this, this is one of the weirdest pieces of advertising I’ve seen lately and I definitely have mixed results on this:

Awesome advertising from Mini:


No share of Christmas advertising today, because there was nothing worthy, but here’s some news regarding Christmas advertising: Facebook is about to let marketers target users posting about the holidays this week.

A commercial that no one will see for the next 100 years seems like a pretty useless thing, right? But you know what it actually is? It is making a promise about the tradition of your brand and that is pure genius.

Something to dream about, until tomorrow:


Hotel Emma, Texas.


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