Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 13th edition

In cappuccino on November 20, 2015 at 8:10 am

Volkswagen, Volkswagen, yes, I’m talking dirty to you in the morning. They’ve decided to halt investment in China amid the emissions scandal . We do not know  why. China is VW’s biggest market, but the investment was still being evaluated. We do not know if VW is being cautious and playing safe or if their sales were actually affected by the scandal. However, a report published last week stated that the Volkswagen scandal managed to push the brakes for the European Market. And while speaking dirty, here’s what the marketing from VW looks like:

Not exactly the kind of CSR I’d be expecting VW to have right now. I appreciate your concern and your social commitment, but…there are some trees waiting for you plant them.

Speaking of cars and business, who’s afraid of China? China doesn’t seem a real competitor in automotive. Well, you see, no, not China itself, but they did something smart: acquisitions, and as I was telling you when those acquisitions where happening, when you buy a company you don’t just buy a brand and maybe a manufacturing facility, you also buy know how, and this is exactly what is important for China in some domains, like automotive. China does not have a tradition as a car manufacturer, but it owns shares in some companies that do, like Volvo for example. Geely is the Chinese owner of Volvo, a company you haven’t probably heard of. Geely is attacking the electric car market and wants to sell 90% electric cars by 2020.


They hate us. Our customers hate us, and now it’s official:

Or maybe, maybe we could be relevant.

The Internet of Things is now autonomous. Not yet, but the future is now after all. We keep talking about autonomous artificial intelligence, but will we witness it, will be see it perform better than humans? Some claim we will and we should be prepared for it and they offer us some recommendation on what we should do waiting for autonomous technology.

Christmas advertising for the day:

Nice initiative for Christmas from Mamas and Papas and uber that will also offer a 15 pounds voucher.



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