Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 12th edition

In hot chocolate on November 19, 2015 at 6:44 pm

Today we have an evening edition of Twisting the news.  And because it’s evening edition it is going to be about stories, coolhunting, trendwatching and lovely things on this planet we call home. On Black Friday’s Eve all marketers deserve a beautiful story to have in our mind as we fall asleep hoping tomorrow our servers will be strong enough.


source: hyperallergic.com


Speaking of stories, storytelling reaches another lever. Or maybe vending machines are reaching a new level, because just yesterday I was telling you a car vending machine. Today, we have a short stories vending machine. Customers can choose between a 1 minute, 3 minute and 5 minute short stories. Oh, these adults and their machines.


We also need our corners to read stories. Let me introduce you The Story Pod.  Could be described as a pop up community-supported library. Speaking of what we could do for our communities. Did you ever think that the furniture you do not need could become a reading spot in your community? Could be a nice future story to restore faith in humanity.

Woa, that thing up there that looks like a bridge is not bridge because there’s no road. It’s a bike lane between two skyscrapers. When we’re going to be biking on it we should remember that thing about dreaming big.


source: designtaxi.com

See you tomorrow morning with another edition of Twisting the news, going, back to the regular business, marketing and tech. Have a result oriented, dream big Black Friday’s Eve.


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