Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news – 10th edition

In cappuccino on November 17, 2015 at 6:41 am

A sketch drawn within a minute becomes an international symbol. You’ve seen it. Adweek has a point. It is about speed. It is about the speed of reaction. Facebook activated  mark as safe in the next hour from the tragedy. In terms of social media marketing, this is what makes a difference: making a decision on the spot, without needing an entire board’s consent.


A few weeks ago I was telling you Toyota announced to launch a self driving car at the Olympic Games hosted by Japan. Only that they’ve met a barrier: humans. Self driving cars will probably be the first type of autonomous technology available to consumers, thus there will be extreme challenges: from ethics to economics, from whom will the car save first, the driver or some pedestrians, to will insurance companies start taxing more for traditional cars because humans are more faulty?

Speaking of tech, remember phone blocks? It looks like someone is making a smartwatch using the same principle: a modular product. However, what I’d really appreciate this time is that someone takes into consideration the design, maybe design differently the piece to mix and match.

Data, big data, data everywhere. Apparently, using data to predict real world actions is possible. Makes perfect sense to me as long as data is collected about the actions in the past. No surprises here, user data is collected in order to ensure predictability. However, big data has been having its problems and attribution is one of them.

BMW is another brand I not-so-secretly admire, and here are some facts about its next store: an experiential journey. Speaking of cars, here’s another brand that has transformed itself into a love-mark in the eyes of some consumers and this is one way it succeeded doing that: Porsche.

And a share of Christmas advertising:


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