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Twisting the news 9th edition

In Uncategorized on November 16, 2015 at 7:29 am

In the light of another recent tragedy and in loving memory of those lost or those who lost somebody in Paris, I’ll be talking about how marketing is and can be shaping the world. I believe we will be entering an era in which states become less powerful and companies will be replacing them. Marketing is how companies are delivering their message to their audience. Marketing can definitely deliver a peaceful message. It has been more and more obvious companies need to do something else beyond sales and promotional offers, they need added value. This is where these two phenomena will meet and civilians needs might be more and more met by companies.

Here are some examples of visionary companies and creative advertising against racism.

The impossible brief, to encourage dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians:

Kick out, against racism in football:

A campaign I personally love and a brand I personally consider courageous, Unhate from Benetton:

benetton-unhate-1 benetton-unhate-6

An older campaign from Benetton, that seems to be having a tradition in deconstructing the hate speech:


Gap against racism:

article-0-19A4B76800000578-722_634x468Not in my name:

Brands reacting after the tragedy:

paris-airbnb-response paris-amazon-france-attack-response google-november-13-paris-black-ribbon twitter-paris-banner-111415

Facebook activated its “mark as safe” app in less than one hour after the incident and also lets one change their profile picture to show support with one click. This is the very reason I believe in Facebook, because they seem to be understanding the meaning of social, because their fast reactions, and although they have been criticized over the lack of response in the case of Beirut bombing and Mark reacted and promised to enable it in the case of more human tragedies.


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