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Twisting the news 8th edition

In Uncategorized on October 30, 2015 at 7:29 am

download (1)Good morning. How many times have you looked at the screen of your phone by now? What was the first thing you saw this morning? Whom or what did you have coffee with? I’m guessing the answer for all the above is “my smarphone”. The computer is no longer the center of the universe. The smartphone is, they say the center of the tech universe, but, in fact, the smartphone is the center of the universe, full stop. While only 73% of the American adults own a desktop or a laptop computer, 92% of American adults own a cellphone and they are rapidly and increasingly shifting to smartphones. In countries where tech advancement happened faster, people might be switching to a smartphone without having a computer, and so will probably be the case for developing countries and countries where internet.org will be available.

As I was previously saying, the sharing economy is better but it is not flawless, and one its flaw is that it happens on demand, therefore jobs are created on demand, and as many experiments proved, individual service providers in the sharing economy cannot survive only based on that. Unless a service provided in the sharing economy is just a side job, they will start appreciating tipping. So we’re confronted with some older concern of mine: is the sharing economy sustainable on the long run? This is the question I’d like answered by any CEO that runs an on demand service.

Yes, Volkswagen, I told you so, this was to be expected: a study in the US says that 60 people died prematurely as a result of VW’s emmissions and 140 people will die if  the cars are not fixed. But, despite the scandal, Volkswagen is continuing its plans with the Cattanooga facility in Tennessee. 

Space, the final frontier? Not anymore,  we’re already there. Lowe is opening a store in space and it makes perfect sense for its 3d printing market, because, yes there is a 3d printing market in outer space.

It seems that most online companies did pretty well in Q3. Linked announced they have exceeded expectations too for this quarter. Now please reconsider that statement about how our world is revolving around smartphones. Smartphones make everything more reachable, therefore, we will probably be seeing economic growth for businesses like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Linked for the next few years. And here’s how companies are advertising nowadays. Surprised, Facebook will be growing? No, most of them are using Facebook ads.

Speaking of smartphones and their flying machines, not quite, but how about their operating systems? Google plans to integrate Chrome with Android and create one os.

Yes, probably the biggest news for tomorrow will be Halloween and here’s something quite interesting on why people pay to feel scared. Apparently, we like feeling scared because it makes us stronger, because it gives us the feeling that we’ve done something challenging. However, people who are less exposed to real violence are likely to be the ones seeking the thrill. And speaking of Halloween, here’s a selection of what brands are doing this year for Halloween:

Tesco is hosting a Spookfest and created all kinds of content on DYI Halloween. Here’s an example:

Halloween Superdraw, haha, good one:

Snickers is hungry for Halloween:

And Happy Dia de los Muertos, to be culturally correct. You can send a muertogram if you cannot attend Dia de los Muertos in San Antonio, nice one San Antonio Tourism.


This one is not Halloween related but it is an incredible piece of advertising:


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