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Twisting the news 7th edition

In Uncategorized on October 29, 2015 at 7:40 am

Rise and shine, another interesting day.

sharingeconomy900x4002I remember an old claim of mine: everything is about perspective, and about the way we look at things. All we have to do is stand up and sit down in order to change the way we see things. Caught up with the buzz around the sharing economy, we forgot to look at it from a different perspective: monopoly. The sharing economy doesn’t have to be about monopolies says The Atlantic and I’m feeling like Newton must have felt when the apple hit his head. In the traditional market economy monopoly is outrageous, but in the sharing economy we embrace it. Uber, airbnb they are competing with actors that are competing with some other actors in their own segment, but they are not competing against others in the same market segment. Have you heard of any real competition for uber or aibnb? 

Admitting we do like interesting things, yesterday Volkswagen reported a quarterly loss for the first time in 15 years. However, the loss is lower than investors feared, so the stock went up. Speaking of cars, the Tokyo Motor Show is quite an interesting place to be right now, even though it doesn’t have such a big name in the industry, maybe with Toyota becoming the largest car maker in the world will become so. For example, Toyota disclosed its plans to roll out a self driving car during the Olympics hosted by Tokyo.

The Senate passed cybersecurity bill over many objections, but the Snowden scandal seems to be a bit forgotten. Neighboring the stored data scandal, we could say we have big data. IAB published a report regarding big data. Their conclusion is that big data is rarely realized.

The internet is a very fast changing place, I remember someone at a conference saying that when he goes back to the office, the internet will have changed. Another day, another Facebook change: Facebook rolls out a feature that makes sharing from 3rd parties just like sharing from Facebook.

Do you recall those times when we thought no internet business will ever monetize and the internet was just a bubble? They are long gone. Because some of the major actors that are changing the world are online business and their revenue make offline businesses cry. Take Yelp for example. Yelp managed to beat expectations: $143.6 million versus analyst consensus estimates of $141.42 million.

Last night I was writing something about the way industry leaders communicate and I was mentioning Coca Cola. Coca Cola is here to prove my point today, industry leaders go beyond the immediate ROI, they think long term strategy, they disrupt things and try to become a part of their consumers’ lives without expecting immediate gratification, and here’s what Coca Cola did:

Brilliant ads for an environmental cause from wwf:

wwf-seal-fox-mink-print-377625-adeevee wwf-seal-fox-mink-print-377626-adeevee - Copy

The story today is about Henri Cartier Bresson and how he invented modern street photography. In an essay  about photography he saw it “as well as of a precise organisation of forms which give that event its proper expression.”

Now, feeling all this has been too serious, I’ll leave you with an awesome piece of advertising:


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