Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news 6th edition

In cappuccino on October 28, 2015 at 7:40 am

Another day in which we’re grateful for the interesting times we live in. Grab a coffee because there’s another interesting day ahead.

W150210_CHAKRAVORTI_COUNTRIESBUILDINGDIGITAL1Talking about the future of the European Union, Greek debt and refugee crisis, we ignore another crisis: the digital crisis. Countries are very uneven when it comes to their digital capabilities, bu the European Union has to build even policies for all its member states. Of the 50 countries studied, only 3 made it to the “stand out” category. Will we make it?

You thought China is the biggest actor in the climate change? China might be the biggest, but some pictures from Indonesia shows us otherwise. In Indonesia land use represents more than 60% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, which means deforestation does more harm than all te country’s power plants combined. According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), land use represents 61 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

target_disabilityThe world is changing and along with it, retail is changing. Here are the best brands at changing the retail industry: Staburcks, Target, Walgreens and Macy’s. Walgreens is committed to keeping its target consumers healthy and for sick customers stuck in bed they perform on demand delivery. Also, they use the data available to have in store recommendations and discounts. Macy’s developed a retail hub to appeal to its millennial consumer. All these brands show us even elephant companies can adapt to new technologies and personalize their customer’s shopping experience, which will translate into more profit for them.  Speaking about Target, here’s one clear example of how Target is using technology to its best marketing interest: a new website designed to point trick-or-treaters to the best locations for candy. And another example to show that Target can also adapt to the new generation: a girl with physical disabilities as Elsa in their ad for this Halloween.

Remember we were all wondering why was Facebook pushing their Messenger app as a standalone app. Yesterday, Facebook made it easier for you to talk to people you are not friends with and will replace “other” message box with more visible “message requests”. By doing that, you can actually send anyone in the world a message. Rumor has it that Facebook wants to replace the phone number with your name. So Facebook is going after the traditional phone services.  Zuckerberg wants us to make Messenger call or send a Messenger message instead of making a phone call or sending a SMS. Ah, we already are doing that with the people we have added as friends on Facebook. Now it was time Facebook Messenger was becoming more widespread.

And in the category of awesome advertising to save the day: Google Translate.

And a lovely story for today, in Jerusalem, the municipality is making efforts to beautify the urban space. Therefore, they installed some flowers that bloom when pedestrians are detected under them.


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