Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news, 5th edition

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2015 at 9:04 am

colonator_32097So, have you had breakfast? If not, here’s how your choice of breakfast affects the type of millionaire you are going to be. Because, of course, people who have breakfast will directly become millionaire. Now, go prepare breakfast, exclude the red meat, because WHO said so yesterday and everyone just repeated, also bring your breakfast in front of your computer because you need to read the news, my news. Now read this. Repeat after me: “Whatever you’re thinking of doing, just do it already.”

Volkswagen probably feared they are going to make it worse. They made it worse by not doing anything. Volkswagen proved to be unprepared for the scandal they are faced with and incredibly slow to respond. Which, obviously could have some consequences. Coincidence or not, Toyota dethrones VW, becomes world’s largest carmarker by sales.

Ai Weiwei goes crowdfunding for Lego bricks, after the Danish toymaker refuses to provide the bricks for political work. Hmmm, really Lego PR department? Again, an example of a corporation who has yet to know the power of internet. Although, as far as I remember, Lego was somewhat saved by the power of internet and users showing that those Lego bricks aren’t just for kids.

Going on in the line of the “hmm”s, Twitter is researching tv habits, because apparently brands want to advertise on tv and on Twitter, but Twitter was also interested in Facebook and Instagram. As I’ve been suspecting for some time now, Facebook does have some plans to take over traditional media. On the other hand, Twitter unveils analytics.  In the social media world, Facebook is making some other changes, because that’s what Facebook does. Example: users will now get updated mobile notifications. Google may be facing years of antitrust investigations in Europe. Remember we all thought Russia’s totalitarian regime is to blame for saying Google broke the antitrust laws?

It’s Halloween, ca veut dire, the most important holiday before Christmas starts and here some example of retail action for Halloween, from Tesco. And speaking of retail, will Walmart succeed to compete Amazon giant?

Nice one Harley Davidson, appealing to millenials but not only.


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