Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news 4th edition

In cappuccino on October 26, 2015 at 7:50 am

Twisting the news reached its fourth edition, or the come-back-from-holiday edition. Today I’m going back to my usual business-marketing-advertising-and-some-stories routine.

20151012065149-grapes-steel-tanksTechnology is now part of our lives and the future belongs to those who embrace it. Even traditional businesses like wine-making can benefit from technology, and it couldn’t have happened anywhere else but in Napa Valley.  One could even say Apple is a Napa Valley company, considering how Steve Jobs came up with the name. 

Yahoo was offered $44.6 billion from Microsoft, while Yahoo wanted to buy Facebook for $1 billion, only that Facebook is now worth $245 billion, this report says. Some failed, some won, some we forgot, some dominate our lives, it’s not a game, it’s about believing that at the end of the day the whole story will make sense.

Where’s the light at the end of VW’s tunnel? Apparently, EU was warned about emissions in 2013. Meanwhile VW plans to start fixing things in 2016 or even 2017. Meanwhile? Nothing new, pollution. Does it really matter another year?

There are 805 million people suffering from hunger. Zlatan Ibrahimovic would like to tattoo all their names on his body but he cannot.

And a nice visual from Ubereats. And a clever commercial from LG: black makes everything stand out they say.

If you thought mobile is for the youngsters you must see this graph. For moms, mobile is part of their shopping experience.

As to the story today, I’ll leave you with some frames of my Corsican holiday.
12105911_10153734213691450_3759318459808314763_n 12143171_10153734213506450_391413524549019006_n - Copy 12074506_10153732975671450_2493883661995456442_n - Copy 1506784_10153732974726450_6698838738314705324_n 995636_10153731483796450_2875746685131589245_n 12074820_10153729625246450_956232556211455824_n - Copy


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