Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news 3rd edition

In cappuccino on October 13, 2015 at 7:13 am

Amazon Readies Kindle Fire Update to Keep Up With Apple, GoogleSteve Jobs wasn’t the only leader lacking empathy. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos may be even worse, or better. Amazon managed to be on the 828th position out of 907 in terms of environmental, social and governance factors, which is usually hard for a service company. Only that they might be doing something about it: Amazon is reported to survey corporate staffers everyday about their job satisfaction. Amazon needs its reputation, more as a service company than a manufacturer.

In the competition for the next Steve Jobs, we also have Elon Musk, the Iron Man. Probably closer in terms of vision and compulsive obsessive behavior to Jobs, than Bezos, Elon Musk has a vision. People with a vision and borderline obsessive compulsive behavior are the ones who change the world in the end. Speaking of cars and sustainable development, VW’s rating drops to A- and could drop even more. Are we actually making room for electric cars?

Aaaand, good morning Volkswagen, nice to see you wake up: VW finally plans their first marketing push after the scandal. The ad will read “We have broken the most important part in our vehicles: trust”, claiming that actions speak louder than words and promises to get in touch with every client. Not daring enough. You were daring enough to break trust, Volkswagen.

Tide launches a pretty nice social campaign, creative for a detergent brand. Inspirational and emotional advertising is still in fashion. Here’s another social experiment, a creative idea to inform people on how their fast-fashion is manufactured. Personally, I do not agree with the approach because there’s a reason for which people accept as little as 18 cents an hour and that is the lack of alternatives. Remember all those Thai commercials making you cry? Well, apparently chewing gum can be marketed in the same manner. 

On the side of online and social media marketing, Facebook unveils new product advertising.Chances are these features aren’t yet available for you, but you should always be prepared. Also, integrating shopping into social networks is increasing in popularity. Just a kind reminder about the partnership between IBM and Facebook. In may I was saying: maybe Facebook will finally take over e-commerce, and will become one big social e-commerce platform with very personalized advertising. Facebook did not need long to make this happen.

They say we should get ready for wearables. Whereas I see a market for VR and a great impact, I do not see a future and sustainability for wearable as we now know them. Wearables as a smaller alternative to the big screen are not essential nor meaningful. However, I do believe there’s a market for an interactive, smart wearable, one that uses all the data about me and the surrounding environment to make my life better. One that would eventually tell my parents to take their pills because it is recording some higher blood pressure than usually. Please keep in mind, that design should also step in when it comes to wearables.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be on holiday until next week, so I’ll leave you with this story from Seth Godin:There’s a village in China called Dafen where they paint one third of all the oil paintings in the world. Over and over again, the same paintings. Those people have no fear. They know exactly how to paint water lilies; they know exactly how to paint Chuck Closes. They’re not artists, they’re painters. Artists have fear when they face the canvas because they’re holding nothing back.

sossusvlei-desert-lodge-guest-dining1.jpg.950x0Bonus: something to dream about, a lodge in a dark sky reserve: Sossuvlei Desert Lodge. Read me in a week.


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