Miruna Codeanu

Twisting the news 2nd edition

In cappuccino on October 12, 2015 at 6:31 am

Extra-sweeten your coffee, it’s Monday morning, you’ll need that extra energy, let’s see.

644518_482964478391235_1344225470_nTake is as Monday morning inspirational story of what one can achieve. You probably like it or your friends like it and you’ve seen it from them: “I f**king live science” Facebook page is a social media phenomenon with more 22 million fans. Elise Andrew, who founded the page on her own and is the sole contributor publicly admitted her mental health issues, saying the internet is there to remind her that some people are much worse.

Turkey banned media coverage of suicide bombing in the Turkish capital of Ankara. That comes in addition to the already existing Youtube, Twitter and Facebook ban. 

It took VW 80 years to go back to disaster. Volkswagen’s forgotten history: born as Hitler’s dream, bombed down in the 2nd WW, it now manufactures 1 of 9 cars in the world but it may be sinking due to one small issue.

Remember Don Draper nostalgia’s speech in Mad Men. Here’s a social campaign for Alzheimer. In order to get their message delivered they used coffee sleeves with a heat activated message that disappears when the coffee is gone or gets cold. Clever one.

The perfect product placement exists and it comes from Pepsi in Back to the Future II. In 1985 Pepsi was making a product placement in Back to the Future with Pepsi Perfect, while 30 years later they are making it reality and will be selling 6500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect. That is what we can call message consistence and a perfect follow up.

The difference between boys and men? The price they pay for their toys. Mercedes made a video ad based on that: Cars you can’t crash and it’s funny and witty. Speaking of toys, Emilio Pucci designs a skateboard.

apple-lake-bell-hed-2015Apple releases a series of video ads to show you how much better your life will be with an Apple watch. Besides some iconic advertisements, I could never actually understand Apple advertising. On the other hand, there is Airbnb who is beginning to master the art of clever advertising and is now getting ready for Halloween, featuring accommodation in the Catacombs of Paris.  Barbie changes strategy to show us how many misconceptions we have regarding what their dolls teach young girls.

Airbnb one of the biggest disruptors in the accommodation market, say they are interesting in collaborating with hotels. So much about sharing economy. Speaking of hotels, here’s an epic one in Singapore. Eco-resorts spread to China and here’s a beautiful one.


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