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Twisting the news – 1st edition

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2015 at 6:30 am

After a medium term affair with paper.li, I’ve decided I’m moving the news to my blog. So, every working day of the week I’ll be sharing a few headlines and some thoughts on them. It is usually mostly business and marketing but there will also be a bonus of coolhunting, trend watching and awesome stories. Take a mug of coffee and be amazed by the world we live in.

facebook-is-your-new-local-newspaperFacebook makes a better newsfeed for a slower internet connection. Well, it should, because remember, internet.org comes with Facebook, which should also work with a slower internet connection. Not only that its next billion does not use the same advanced technology as its first billion but, Facebook might also replace traditional media for its next billion. In sub Saharan African it just might be that some homes will own a smartphone, but not a tv, because, as mentioned in a previous post infrastructure we are now building is online. 

Facebook is reported to be working on virtual reality. It would be a mistake not to. Please bear in mind that they own Oculus. Also, although we were talking about Facebook as a newsfeed remember the other part of Facebook: peer to peer communication. Of course, augmented reality cand be used in gaming, ecommerce but it could also be great when communicating with someone.

This one is for marketers: Facebook rolls out lead collecting ads. This kind of ad could be the source of a major source of frustration at Facebook: they have access to an immense amount of data which cannot be used without consent. This kind of ad, will basically try to obtain a user’s consent to become a relatively identifiable lead, while of course, generating revenue for Facebook, monetization being another issue for Facebook. As to the much hyped disklike button, someone finally got it right: it’s about emojis, that trend which makes us use symbols instead of words and phrases.

The sharing economy is more than a hipster fad. It’s not a trend anymore, it is a phenomenon, we’re seeing it, we’re living it and it goes beyond our generation (millennials). My main concern still remains whether it is sustainable or not. Sure, peer to peer sounds great,but this trend is mostly spread in my generation and we’re not particularly owners, if we continue not owning, what will we be sharing in the next 10 years? Speaking of peer to peer: Kickstart’ers charity campaign raised more than $1 million in one dayHowever, The Economist says millenials aren’t who you think they areAnd it also appears that you can crowdfund a marketing campaign. 

topgear_02_aotwWitty print advertising from Porsche in Top Gear. Speaking of cars, I’m still curious about VW’s strategy. On the emotional side of advertising, this is probably one of the best campaigns I’ve seen in a while for breast cancer awareness. Just yesterday I was thinking that Google is no longer about search, Google will probably be about Alphabet, Google will be about the big data it has acquired, but no longer just the place you come and search for something, and here are some numbers to support that: 44% of the clients start their product search on Amazon.

Here’s a surprising company you would have probably never thought that they have best chances of entering augmented reality. It’s Disney and it makes all the sense in the world. Also, please bear in mind that ones of the most interesting research centers in neuromarketing belongs to Disney.

large_Cocktail-Computer-03Enough with business and marketing, let’s hear some stories: here’s the cocktail computer and it looks pretty nice. This particular piece of tech shows how we can bring design and tech together. We can still make things as we used to, and they can look pretty modern. Versailles will also host a hotel and we’ll probably all dream of it. Although, most of the times very ignored, just last night we were in a restaurant where the lighting made no sense to me, lights are the great part of the atmosphere for a place.


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