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IBM + Facebook = ?

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2015 at 6:06 am

facebook-ibm-188_6XogE4FYesterday Facebook and IBM announced their partnership which will enable marketers deliver more personalized campaigns. Could this be the much awaited use of the huge amount of data Facebook posses on its users? Could this be the beginning of a beautiful love hate relationship?

In the announced partnership Facebook and IBM will bring together their ad capabilities and analytics to create more relevant experience for their customers, which will translate into more personalized advertising. I have always believed this could be the key for Facebook: making use of personal information to deliver a customized experience to the point of very particular segmentation. Also, as previously stated this could have been an extra point for Google Advertising: customization of an advertising message depending on the data gathered through the numerous online platforms Google holds, but Google never tried.

This particular partnership could finally be the next step from big data. We’ve been gathering it for some time but it’s high time we did something with it. Facebook and Google are definitely giants of giants of big data, they are also owners of advertising platforms and the link between these two becomes quite obvious. There’s a famous story about a girl whose parents found out about her pregnancy because she received pregnancy related marketing materials and this was happening a few years ago. Meanwhile, our tech capabilities have grown exponentially, we’re talking about more integrated things, about the internet of things and all that wrapped out in personal message customized for my own experience as a customer.

It may sound a bit science fiction, but with a connected car, a connected smartphone and many other connected wearables and with the help of data on customers, they will finally be delivered very personalized message. For example, I am a marketer who works in the automotive fuel industry, I will be able to target owners of those cars who use only high quality fuel and would rather fuel their car constantly than with get a full tank at once. I will be able to invite those who are in 1km range to our stations to get a full tank with a special discount on the day we’re launching our new premium fuel, or those whose way home passes by one of gas stations, and in that way I can stay relevant, because I will not be advertising for some stations which are located off your route, I will make you interested in my offer and I can get you to try my new product. I can reward your car for checking my gas station, and the next time I know your tank must be probably empty, I can ask you how your engine was feeling with our premium product and try to make you my frequent customer. A lot of people will try to demonize this experience, because they feel their privacy is invaded and threatened by brands. Sure, that could be possible, but IBM and Facebook insist on anonymous data, which means I can not identify you as an individual and pinpoint at you, but I can I make you an anonymous part of a very small target: the people whose way go passes by one of my gas station and who will be needing fuel in the next 2 days. Furthermore, the message I will deliver will be more relevant than some random message about gasoline when your car actually runs on diesel fuel from a brand whose nearest gas station is 10 km away.

Some day your mirror in the bathroom may be reminding you need toothpaste and advertise for a certain type of toothpaste, also Amazon will incorporate a technology in your mirror that will enable you to place an order for toothpaste. Apart from the smart mirror in your home, all the other things are quite possible right now: Amazon is already testing Dash – a button which allows consumers to place a re-order of a certain protect. With the integration of more data into the way advertising gets to us, our smart mirror in the future, will know that you’ve searching for more information on another brand than your usual toothpaste maker, and the other toothpaste maker will be able to release an offer in order to close the deal. The future does hold unlimited possibilities, also the future is now.

Going back to Facebook and IBM, maybe Facebook will finally take over e-commerce, and will become one big social e-commerce platform with very personalized advertising. We all had that in mind about Faceboook at a certain point in our lives, didn’t we? Let’s say Mega Image/Tesco/you name it would open a grocery store on Facebook and be able to partner with is providers to deliver personalized advertising. Obviously, nothing is or will be flawless, but we’ve come a long way: from aiming advertising at everybody in mass media and we are heading towards talking to the individual, and I, personally believe that is a big step for human kind.

  1. Well I am ready to embrace it. As long as it is implemented elegantly. At the moment I find even the most targeted of advertising too broad and I rarely engage. So bring it on I say.

    • At the moment we’re still gathering data and don’t quite know how to use it. Facebook and Google, leaders in digital advertising, have a handful or criteria for selecting an audience, though I am sure the data available allows them to offer much more. Hopefully, IBM and Facebook will figure out how to do it and it will be elegant enough, anonymous and not very invasive, quite a challenge.

  2. […] shopping into social networks is increasing in popularity. Just a kind reminder about the partnership between IBM and Facebook. In may I was saying: maybe Facebook will finally take over e-commerce, and will become one big […]

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