Miruna Codeanu

The sharing economy in business

In cappuccino on March 24, 2015 at 7:51 am

sharing-economyThe sharing economy. The sharing economy is a type of collaborative society where individuals share their resources. Uber, airbnb and other such platforms are manifestations of the sharing economy. The sharing economy has been mainly targeting individuals, but is it possible to apply the same principles in the business world? How would it look like?

As we’re transitioning to this sharing economy, more and more resources become available even if we don’t own them. How would we translate this into business? How do I gain access to resources I do not own? By renting them or sharing costs is the obvious answer. Let’s say I’m a small entrepreneur and I need a certain type of packaging equipment I cannot afford, but somewhere on this planet there is another business owner who has that equipment and he is willing to rent it or maybe even trade it for another service. Let’s say I’m an entrepreneur who would benefit from the services of a marketing team but I cannot afford to pay them full time but I know my business could grow from marketing efforts. Also, I cannot afford an agency. I could share the costs of this marketing team with another partner and we could both benefit from their services.

The future could sound great for entrepreneurs in the sharing economy.As we all know, that at the very beginning of a business you will not be able to afford everything. The solution could be to share them and that, I think it would be extraordinary for many small businesses. An Uber for trucks and transportation, an airbnb for conference rooms. I can see great things happening.


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