Miruna Codeanu

The future of ecommerce?

In hot chocolate on March 4, 2015 at 7:03 am

A few years ago the only connection between eCommerce and mobile technology was to consider having your website optimized for smartphones and, later on, tablets. A few years later the talk about mobile technology has gone beyond anything we could have imagined back then, we call them wearables and they are a whole range of their own: digital eye-wear, bands, smart watches and the list will be continued. However, there is one item that has been gaining territory against the others: the smartwatch.

Brikk-Watch-Omni-Angled-Trio-1940x1071Everyone is trying to win the smartwatch market: Samsung has a smartwatch, Huawei leaked photos of its smartwatch, Pebble launched another one and Apple will be launching theirs. By the big players’ actions this is a big market. In my previously expressed opinion, the first attempts to win this market have failed due to the manufacturers’ inability to understand a watch is a fashion accessory, not just a piece of technology, which is something Apple seems to have understood, as they are launching a $75,000 diamond-encrusted watch and their smartwatches will be advertised in Vogue. Well done Apple! So this is why you needed a former Burberry vice president.

It seems they all agree wearables are going to be big. Moving on from tech manufacturers to advertisers and marketers, let’s see what this means for the industry. Well, it means something that is already happening: you can now order your pizza from your smartwatch. Mobile is gaining a whole new meaning: it’s reaching the consumer, as close to the consumer as possible. Probably we’re not far from wearable payments. The means through each you place your order at Domino’s is an app for the smartwatch, as of course, a piece of wearable is too small to consider a webpage. The app obviously translates into data collection. The wearable might just make big data more relevant to us.

For the time being it’s said we live in the age of big data. We collect everything but it seems too much data to be able to use it for now. We collect data about traffic, about intentions, about desires, about dreams, but we don’t really know how to translate those into actual customer profiles. We cannot really separate intentions and dreams of actual buying habits. Apps definitely have more access to our data, than browsers, which might help us all into translating big data. Also, you are going to be wearing this gadget, which means you are going to use it. Again, in this market as well, privacy could become a competitive advantage. “Tracking free shopping – we let you chose what’s relevant t you” could be the positioning of an online supermarket in the next 5 years. We might use apps like Secret not only to share our secrets but also for anonymous shopping.

The future of eccommerce? If relevant to your target, consider having a wearable app for your online store. Also consider offering some kind of privacy as a bonus to tech savy consumers. I’m expecting to start seeing some of the most important smartwatches manufacturers at Baselworld, or at least Apple.


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