Miruna Codeanu

My Awesome Romania part III

In hot chocolate on February 16, 2015 at 10:19 am

Monday morning dreaming, or maybe brunch dreaming. Lately I’ve been the traveling agency for family and friends but also willing to share with you the awesomeness of visiting lovely places in Romania. In the previous part we’ve discussed Southern Romania. Now it’s time for some royal Romania. As previously stated, I’m a supporter of monarchy. Here are some gems of those times.

1. Castelul Peles – one of the most renowned attractions in Romanian, an ouvre d’art of the Romanian royal epoque. Do visit it. The castle is also the host of some really nice concerts, unfortunately, not very well advertised. Follow the events section of their website.


2. Villa Poem Boem – the Romanian representation of “la dolce vita”. The villa was built in 1927, as a gift from a famous Romanian architect for his wife. You will the royal spirit of Sinaia, once, the royal skiing resort.


3. Cantacuzino Castle – another gem of royal Romania, built in 1911, at the request of a very influential figure of those times, prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, also famous for trying to build a replica of the Trianon Palace. Cantacuzino castle does not offer accommodation. However, please take the time to visit it. Also, from time to time the palace hosts events as “Bolshoi Theatre Stars at Cantacuzino Palace”. The Castle also features a haute cuisine restaurant: Cantacuisine


4. Inn on Balaban – a hidden gem of Bran. Located on a picturesque hill, Balaban, Inn on Balaban was a country home to Queen Marie during the inter-wars years. Inn on Balaban is a mix of antique furniture and peasant style, that will take you the heart of the Romanian Kingdom.


To be continued with Transylvanian royalty.


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