Miruna Codeanu

Facebook’s Good Moves

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2014 at 12:32 pm

pic7I was doing my usual morning browsing when I came across an awesome infographic, via Design Taxi describing the war between Facebook and Google. It seems like the online is a market with two major players. One is a giant and the other one is a baby giant trying to catch up.

Facebook has pulled out two moves in the last week. First move, Zuckerberg’s Q&A session in mandarin. Mark Zuckerberg’s mandarin generated a lot of hype, whether it was good or not, whether he had a good accent or not, whether his wife made him learn the language and so on. A few saw it, many missed it: this was a business move. Please remember China is a country where Facebook is still blocked. However, a university in Beijing hosted a Q&A session with Facebook’s CEO. Also remember what happened with Apple in China. In order to enter China one needs diplomacy and lobbying. Zuckerberg’s mandarin could help Facebook re-enter China.

Facebook’s second good move is an app. Although, this week everybody has been predicting the end of mobile apps as we know them, Facebook launched a new app: Rooms, available on the AppStore for the time being. Rooms is yet another chat app, one that follows the anonymity trend. It is based on mirc, should any of you remember the prehistoric times of internet, and it will probably be quite popular between those who remember the mirc age.

The free app, now available in the App Store, allows users to create chat rooms for shared interests, from makeup mastery to city gardens, according to the app’s website. The app is entirely separate from Facebook and doesn’t require you to provide any revealing details like your name or your location. You can enter a room that’s already been created based on similar interested only by invitation, or you can chat with someone in private. Yes, it definitely sounds like mirc and the old days when internet was associated with freedom and anonymity.


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