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My awesome Romania, part II

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regina-maria-138-de-ani-de-la-nastereWell my darling, you see,  beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and only you can make your chic Romania awesome. There’s an awesome Romania, but it takes a desire to shift from the dark perspective to see it. I’ve been telling you a bit a about culture, a bit about music, a bit about the past, but there’s also a present and it can be quite charming. You can read the first part of this sequel here.

Romania is the place for slow living, the place for stories, things still made like once upon a time or like your grandparents used to. If you have the time and the eyes open enough, you will discover surprising stories. I have a strong belief, that there’s one only thing guiding us through life: gathering stories we made or others tell us. Therefore, it’s about the stories, it’s about that time you went to Romania and you discovered thing you thought long lost.

I have a not-so-well-hidden passion for traveling and tourism, in which hotels and accommodation occupy a special place. Some time ago I started gathering up a wishlist of chateaux, palaces, castles, caves and huts transformed into awesome accommodation options. France, Italy, Maldives, French Polynesia, they all offered an awesome a story for a night or more. Why wouldn’t we? And then I started collecting places from Romania: mansions, little castles, villas, iconic places for tea and coffee. Joie de vivre and dolce far niente is possible here too.Today, I’ll be sharing with you my collection of awesome accommodation stories in Romania.

South Romania

1. Deltarium Aegis – located in the heart of Danube Delta, in the town of Sfantu Gheorghe, it delivers the story of houses built in the traditional style for that part of our country with white walls,  blue windows and thatched roofs. Sfantu Gheorghe is a beautiful place, accessible only by boat, with wild beaches and exotic delta scenery.


2. 5 Chirpici – one of the loveliest and most authentic projects in the Danube Delta. All the complex was built respecting the local architecture, all the constructions are made of natural materials (clay, natural stone, wood, reeds).


3. Limanul Resort – situated in Chilia Veche, Limanul resort is the expression of an unaltered spirit of the Danube Delta with minimal design, not forgetting the facilities of modern accommodation.


3. Club Safari Delta Danube – located in Enisala, where you can also find the ruins of a Vaubaun (star shaped) fortress. You will find ethnic themed rooms with ottoman (Turkish) influences, because Enisala is the only fortress to survive Ottoman attacks in Dobrogea. Very close to Danube Delta, Enisala is a gateway to the magic of the light and water in this part of the country.

DCF 1.0

4. Clos de Colombes – near the Black Sea, Clos des Colombes is actually a story about a vineyard restored by Marie Rosenborg, a french woman with a vast experience in oenology who fell in love with Romania. The rooms here have been named after wine varieties, like for example Terra Rosa.


5. Port Cultural Cetate – located in Oltenia, near the Danube Delta, it is now owned by the Romanian poet Mircea Dinescu. It is a former agricultural port, later transformed in a cultural port, where residence programs for writers and artists take place.


6. Conacul lui Maldar – situated near Horezu, Oltenia, tells the story of the life as a (oriental bourgeoisie)The manor is an authentic kula, restored with attention to details and authentic historic furniture, traditional carpets and embroidered linen.


“Once upon there was a very fast changing world, where people no longer took the time to enjoy things and remember. And in those times, there was still a part of Europe that hasn’t been completely absorbed in the change, a land where people would still bake their own bread in stone ovens, still eat food from local producers, where bears could be found in its forests. And I visited those lands…” This could be beginning of your story, because in the end it will be about the story your life tells.

*to be continued with Transylvania and Moldova

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