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Facebook’s app new feature

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2014 at 8:41 am

fb_icon_325x325Facebook has been making some changes and some of them went unnoticed, because all attention has been captured by Facebook’s ad network expansion. Mashable writes Facebook ads will follow you around starting now and everyone went a bit hysterical hearing this. Remember what I was saying last week, what’s wrong is irrelevant advertising, not advertising itself, therefore everyone should just have a glass of cold water and relax a bit. However, leaving that aside, Facebook made another major change.

Open links in Facebook app

Until now, if you were using Facebook’s mobile app and you were clicking on a link shared on Facebook, you would be redirected to the online page in a browser of your choice. That meant that Facebook knew you were clicking a link but had no idea how much you’d spend on that page, or what your behavior on that page was, which, basically was a waste of data. Sure, recently Facebook launched their Conversion Pixel that was tracking consumers from Facebook to your website, in order to offer you more precise data on your conversion rates.

Starting this morning (my personal case), when using the Facebook app, Facebook will no longer open your links in the browser, but in the Facebook app. This is awesome for Facebook’s data on its users. If you were leaving the Facebook app, Facebook could no longer track the time spent on that certain article. Now, Facebook can gather more information on its user and their behavior while reading articles posted on Facebook. This offers great data for the use of Facebook as a type of media and also great potential for online stores.

For new it just works on the app, but I’m really curios if Facebook will find a way to implement this on the desktop version of their website.


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