Miruna Codeanu

Apple vs social media marketing

In cappuccino on July 8, 2014 at 8:54 am

I was talking social media strategies with a friend of mine who is also a marketer and two of the biggest advertisers popped up in the conversation: Apple and Samsung of course. While, Samsung is literally everywhere from Facebook to Youtube, to Twitter and Pinterest, with its marketing budget increasing from one year to another, Apple has been having quite a constant budget, choosing to ignore social media marketing.

Apple’s Facebook page:

apple fb page











Apple’s Twitter:

twitter apple











Apple’s social media? A place no one lives, a place no one visits, a place no one cares about. Should you follow Apple’s example? No. Apple has a serious community of fans willing and able to become endorsers and to create the hype for every new product. However, Tim Cook owns a Twitter account he also uses. Also, there is a Facebook page for Itunes  Earlier this year Apple also chose to use tumblr for the 5C. Could that mean social media will soon be coming to Apple? Apple is still a company shaped by Steve Jobs, who, sorry fans out there, was a control freak which is something I can totally relate to, but still a control freak. You see, social media is known as the kingdom where the consumer rules, which Apple does not like.

However, there are expectations to be met from one of the most innovative companies in the world. Expectations that go beyond traditional advertising.

This, the Apple 1997 commercial,  is probably one of the best commercials ever made:

Apple is a successful marketing story, but you cannot follow their rules, because, honestly, I’ve always said it, there are no rules, no recipes. Stop following those “5 steps” and create your own mix. I’m sorry but there are nor 5, nor 3, nor 10 steps to a successful marketing strategy. You have an audience and a product, and in order to be madly successful they should be unique, so you shouldn’t follow any recipe.

What I do believe is that Apple will soon be needing social media on its side of the story. With Apple becoming a lifestyle company, Apple will be needing social media.



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