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The Internet of Things, Apple is a bubble and the Future Tech Company

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2014 at 7:24 am

Finally, someone backing me up in my belief the future does not belong to Apple:

I totally agree with this guy. Just happens that this guy is Fred Wilson, one of the major tech investors around and he believes the future does not belong to Apple. Ironically enough, Apple shares are rising again this morning. In the past two years, I’ve been saying  Apple is a bubble as it cannot continuously innovate and at a certain point it will pop. I’ve been taken for a Samsung enthusiast. I’m not a Samsung enthusiast. I’m able to recognize both companies’ importance, however I am bit disturbed by Apple’s desire to acquire monopoly which I’m glad Samsung stopped. Thast’s why, in this dispute I’ll take Samsung’s side. Also for the big screens. What will happen on the long term? I’ve said it before. However, I do believe Facebook can be the future tech company. And if not Facebook, online tech companies will triumph.

Although Apple is the biggest tech company right now, and it has some very interesting pending patents, the future does not belong to Apple. The future belongs to online companies, and we should be aware of this. Social media is replacing television, the internet of things is shaping up, we’re basically moving everything in the cloud, we’re adapting to virtual reality (Oculus, Bitcoin, etc.). All the trending and alarming movies about Facebook and virtual reality are just reactions to a technology that is changing our life, like when electricity started spreading. The really interesting pending patent for Apple is 3D projection, and it could look like this:

And it could be an amazing, extraordinary, mind-blowing technology. If Apple had enough data, widgets and apps to integrate this concept with the Internet of Things. Take the Internet of Things add 3D holograms available on your phone. Mind blown yet? However, Apple is not an online company.  Not even Apple enthusiast are enthusiastic about the icloud. Apple is a hardware manufacturer switching to a lifestyle company. The other two companies, Google and Facebook are online companies and they are somehow heading in the same direction: Google Glass and Oculus cand be pretty nicely integrated in the Internet of Things, which, ask me, is the right direction.  Take the data Google and Facebook have about you, leaving behind the dispute whether they should or shouldn’t collect it. Let’s maturely agree they do as they are both free of charge. Think Oculus and contextual advertising, think contextual virtual reality. Think Google Glass, think self driving cars.

Apple could still be a great company, only not necessarily a tech one. Apple’s hardware will probably lifestyle. No company is an island.


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