Miruna Codeanu

Dear Apple,

In cappuccino on April 23, 2014 at 6:48 am

Yesterday was Earth Day. Apple had a full page ad:Image

This ad is meant to invite its competitors to copy its environmental policies. Previously, Apple had announced a new environmental executive. Also on April 21st, Apple posted this video narrated by Tim Cook:

Is it now obvious Apple is shifting from innovation to lifestyle? Well, it always had lifestyle in the subsidiary of its marketing strategy, but now they are making it big. However, this new lifestyle. However, they’ve been some complaints about Apple’s latest lack of innovation. I’m no Apple fan and I’m not hiding it, however, I’m a bit fed up with the whole patent trial. There are some accusations Apple also copied some things from Android. Copying¬†wasn’t a problem for Apple until Samsung got big enough to be a competitor. Until further innovation Apple is just the older whiny brother.

Dear Apple,


Dear Apple’s competitor marketing department, Apple deserves an answer, make it epic.



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