Miruna Codeanu

Facebook, loneliness and virtual reality

In Uncategorized on March 31, 2014 at 7:02 am

There is this video going viral on Facebook about how social networks actually affect our social life, or creates loneliness giving the apparent feeling of socializing.

Some years ago, quite many, judging by the way things have evolved, I made some research on communication via instant messanging services, it was the age of Yahoo Messenger. The conclusion would now be predictible but in those days it was a bit surprising: instant messaging wasn’t making our lives easier, but harder. Istant messanging is disrupting our communication and not making it easier as it would be thought. 

A few days ago Facebook made a new acquisition: Oculus. This is what Oculus does:

It makes you experience virtual reality. But what if everything we experience we think is real? Our brain treats it as such.

So, if Facebook is making us lonely and they just bought a virtual reality start up that offers people real emotions and sensations as seen above, they made a brilliant move, yet again.


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